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Pets / Animals


What should Rachel(!) name her fish? 2009-04-09 (closed)
What should Rachel(!) name her fish?
are you a good person? 2009-04-03 (closed)
are you a good person?
dogs 2009-03-25
what is your favorite breed of dog
What should I name my new dog? 2009-03-22 (closed)
I'm getting a new golden retriever puppy April 1st and I need help picking a name, so help me out!
Funny Ragdoll Cats 2009-03-11
Just some questions about the daft things your Ragdoll Cat's done
Do you like how farmers feed the cows or do you not like it? 2009-03-02
Farmers are feeding cows grain instead of grass to make them grow faster. But that is making the ...
Some old dog breeds are now so rare extinction is possible. Would it matter? 2009-02-20
The UK Kennel Club has listed about ten dog breeds which are very famous and that we have all see...
Which is the best Dog Breed to own as a family pet? 2009-02-20
We all have our own favourite breed of dog, but are the most popular breeds the best pets? <br...
Dog Or Cat Person? 2009-02-18
Are you a Dog or Cat Person?
What Scares You The Most 2009-02-17
Which one of these creatures freaks you out the most.
All about the Woodchuck!!! 2009-02-04
All about the Woodchuck!!!
Mythical Moose 2009-02-04
I was told a neighbor of mine said people here make up the moose hoax just to scare people. What...
Is Your Pet Spayed or Neutered? 2009-01-21
Is Your Pet Spayed or Neutered?
Name My Kitty! 2009-01-18 (closed)
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahmilagoing/3183701975/" title="IMG_52...
Cutest rodant 2008-12-27
Cutest rodant
Pound Seizure 2008-12-21
Pound seizure is the sale or release of cats and dogs from a pound or shelter to a research, test...
Lion vs Tiger 2008-12-14
Who would win a fight between a Lion and a Tiger
Rescue hamster in house? 2008-12-14 (closed)
My 10 year old's hamster escaped and is in the inner workings of the house. I heard her scratchin...
Animal Rights 2008-11-30 (closed)
What is your opinion on animal rights?
Would you choose faux fur over real fur? 2008-11-21
Faux fur isnt real,
If you got a puppy at a petstore CLICK HERE! 2008-11-16
I'm doing research about where Puppies that are from petstores. DO NOT take this poll if you got...
Animal experimentation should be illegal 2008-11-07
Animal experimentation should be illegal
webkinz or neopets 2008-11-06
webkinz or neopets
MaKeUp!!!!! 2008-11-03 (closed)
I just wanna know what you like.
Benefits of Owning a Pet 2008-10-30 (closed)
I'm conducting a poll for a school project, asking if you believe that there is a benefit (s) to ...