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Pets / Animals


The Best & Worst DOG BREEDS 2006-11-13
Which breed of dog do you feel is the best or the worst in each category?
Whats your favorite animal 2007-08-18
This is probaly my longest poll I have ever made so are you ready to vote
Cats or dogs? Which is your favorite and why? 2007-05-02
Hi everybody. Please answer my poll as honestly as you can. I have been through every cat vs. dog...
Favourite Animal 2004-10-23
<center>This is a pretty basic poll, and not very interesting either. But here you can vote...
GIRLS ONLY : BUG CRUSH!!!! 2006-06-17
Animals Vs Animals 2005-07-21
Which animal would win in a battle?
Lion vs Tiger 2008-12-14
Who would win a fight between a Lion and a Tiger
Which is the strongest dog 2006-03-06
I want to buy a fight dog and i dont know which one is the most powerful so please if you know ch...
(For Girls only) Animals Crush: Why do you like it? 2008-09-24
Ok girls please be earnst and if you don´t like it than don´t post there. I would be happy if y...
What's Better? A dog or cat? 2005-06-05
We are gonna see what's more popular! A dog or cat!
Are you a cat or dog person? 2005-09-13
Which are better: cats or dogs? Do you enjoy the energy and work it requires to take care of a do...
What animals did you crush underfoot? 2008-10-18
What animals did you crush and why did you do it? Plz post your experiences of animal crushing.
The Ultimate Predator 2010-12-28
A Poll to see which animal today is the ultimate predator.
Animal testing 2004-03-23
This is a poll for anyone. I want to get others opinions on animal testing and other practices.
Best of The Big Cats 2010-12-28
This is a Poll to see which is your favourite Big Cat.
Polar Bear VS. Rhino 2009-08-08
Who would win?
Horse Whipping 2007-07-04
Omg, stop whipping horses! They are defenseless animals, they can feel, too, and most of the time...
Dogs vs Cats 2009-04-28
How many people prefer cats over dogs or dogs over cats?
Breeding Season 2010 2009-09-23 (closed)
Which one/s of our stallions would you want to be available via shipped semen ?
Which Is The Smartest Dog? 2006-06-14
The obvious.
Which Feivel™ Will You Buy? 2008-03-08
First watch the ad and read the blog at www.chabad.org/647876 . Then give us your input...
Werewolf Slaves 2010-01-14
Werewolf Slaves
What's the most cute animal? 2008-05-22
Whats your favorite Dinosaur? 2005-08-17
Im bored just see what your favorite dino is.
animal fights 2007-09-02
who would win