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Anime / Manga


Best all time anime 2003-12-12
Best anime ever
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 2003-12-17
9/7/2005 - Updated. Deleted the Fake Kaiba question, because I saw the Japanese summary. Also add...
Sailor Moon Poll 2004-05-26
This poll is self-explanatory...it's about Sailor Moon.
Cowboy Bebop 2004-07-13
This is anime people
Anime Poll 2004-10-13
This is a poll reguarding my favorite anime (Japanese Animation). Please answer any or all questi...
. ; What is your favorite anime? : . 2004-11-05
I have switched poll servers for AnimeSpiritZ since my last one crashed. This month's poll will b...
ANIME 2005-01-11
Just VOte
Dbz Vrs Street Fighter 2005-02-11
which is better
dragonball z/gt fan poll 2005-02-19
my poll is about your favourite dragonballz/gt stuff
What are you favorite kinds of anime? 2005-02-24
A few questions about what kind of animes you perfer. if you don't like anime, you probably don't...
Sonic X 2005-04-24
This poll about "Sonic X"
Which anime is better? 2005-05-13
I'm wanting to see what anime people are more interested in.
The ultimate anime poll! 2005-06-30
This is a poll about my favourite anime movies. PLEASE ANSWER ONLY if YOU HAVE WATCHED THE ENTIRE...
best samurai champloo fighter 2005-08-19
samurai champloo
Teen Titans poll 2005-08-23
Chrono Crusade 2005-10-14
chrono crusade (or chrno crusade) is one of my fav animes ever so I'm doing this poll. If you don...
Manga rules! pokemon vs yu-gi-oh 2005-11-21
Yo guys! im a huge manga fan and wanna know about what u think b better. yu-gi-oh or pokemon?
Favorite Basilisk Kouga Ninja 2005-12-12
This poll will analyze on the popularity of the 10 Kouga Ninja from the anime, Basilisk.
The People's Choice In Favourite Anime 2005-12-21
Hello. This poll is to find out what Anime show you like
Hottest anime Girls 2005-12-28
Who do you think is the hottest anime girl. Each categorie contains different anime programs.
All About Pokemon's Appearance 2005-12-29
Which of these groups of Pokemon look the best? Appearance only, regardless of their type/skills ...
Fave superhero/villain 2006-02-16
Just a test
What if..... 2006-03-06
What if you took a poll and it asked you questions like this?
What's you Favorite Paring? (so I can draw it..) 2006-04-13
lol, anyways.. ya... i'm on my clubs account thing *which i run and crap so what! lol* anyways......
Avatar: The Last Airbender Poll 2006-05-08
This is a poll about Avatar: The Last Airbender!