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Anime / Manga


Prettiest FFVII Girl 2006-05-15
Vote for the prettiest FFVII Girl!
Naruto Pairings 2006-05-25
Naruto is a manga/anime that has an endless array of pairings to choose from. Go ahead and pick ...
the best anime 2006-06-07
the best anime
How Well do You know Avatar? (season one) 2006-06-12
If you're a Last Airbender fan, test your knowledge of the first season here!
Which Naruto Character Looks Best After The Timeskip? 2006-06-16
Vote for which character from Naruto do you think looks best after the 2 year timeskip.
Your Favorite Anime 2006-06-24
This poll will tell you your favorite anime
Guys and "girly" cartoons and anime 2006-06-30
I'm a guy who happens to like shows that are "girly" like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sa...
Favourite Fruits Basket Character? 2006-07-13
Which character do you like best or can refer to the most from the anime and manga Fruits Basket?
melee 2006-09-22
Cardcaptors 2006-10-23
just a small poll about which cards she has are better and which wands are better etc.
who would win 2006-10-28
ok i was bored so i just felt like doing this
Which is the best DBZ-Babe? 2006-12-10
It's about the female characters of Dragonball Z
Naruto Poll 2007-02-05
Answer the questions about naruto cmpletely. thanks
Naruto Poll, whatever i actually know about it so far. 2007-03-06
Hey wazz up, this is my first poll, so i don't care if it stinks.
Avatar opinions!!! 2007-04-19
Ican't wait for the new season of Avatar to come on!!!Do you even like avatar? Post opinions!!!
Naruto Fighting Styles 2007-05-21
Poll on what are the most popular styles of fighting
Naruto 2007-05-24
An overall Naruto poll.
One Naruto Question 2007-05-29
a single question of naruto popularity
avatar season 3 prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 2007-06-10
this is a poll about what you think will happen in season 3 of avatar the last airbender take thi...
Shuffle! pairings 2007-06-20
Fav Shuffle! pairing (from the game or anime)
Naruto Couples 2007-06-25
Who should be with who?
Best gundam 2007-07-28
Tell the world what you think is the best gundam ever.
Why do you watch Naruto!? 2007-08-06
Give us your reason why you continue to watch this, over any other anime.
Most popular manga! 2007-09-15
Some Mangaka say they have the "most popular graphic noval" but are they realy right?
Yu-Gi-Oh questionaire 2007-11-19
This takes into account several elements of Yu-Gi-Oh and some questions frequently asked.