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Anime / Manga


Bleach Captains 2007-12-06
Who do you think is the strongest captain?
Pokemon 2007-12-30
This is all about pokemon....
Naruto 2008-05-12
Bleach 2008-05-24
Your Favorite Death Note Character 2008-06-02
My favorite is Mello and L.
The ULTIMATE Azumanga Daioh Poll!!!!!! 2008-06-22 (closed)
WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! Some info might be different for you than it is for me because I watch the ...
Favorite Death Note Character 2008-09-01
Who do you think is the coolest character?
Which anime will be remembered the most in 50 years time? 2008-11-10
Which anime will be remembered the most in 50 years time?
Frieza vs Myotismon vs Moo 2008-12-04
Frieza from Dragonball Z, Myotismon from Digimon, and Moo from Monster Rancher. Three-way battle.
Monster Rancher poll 2008-12-04
A poll about the awesome yet overlooked anime known only as Monster Rancher.
Naruto Couples 2008-12-07
Naruto and Hinata (rare/hated) Pairs 2008-12-27
Naruto and Hinata (rare/hated) Pairs
Who is your Miss Naruto? 2009-02-23
who is your favorit naruto girl
What is your favourite anime or manga? 2009-02-28
which is your favourite?
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan 2009-03-07
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragonball Z What-Ifs 2009-03-13
Asking your opinions on some what-if issues of Dragonball Z.
Inuyasha 2009-03-17
Death Match 2009 2009-04-09
Manga Characters vs Manga Characters
One Piece New Nakama 2009-04-12
One Piece New Crew Member
":~.~:"Which Do You Prefer":~.~:" 2009-04-28
Bleach Characters Zanpakutos and Couples :D
Will Kisame Die? 2009-06-06
Will Kisame Die?
Favorite Bronze Saint 2009-06-08
Favorite Bronze Saint
Hinata's Confession 2009-06-09
In the anime/manga Naruto, Hinata Hyuga has always loved Naruto, but has been too shy to tell him...
My Bleach Poll 2009-06-09
What do you want to happen in the anime/manga Bleach
What is my best manga? 2009-06-12
Like my anime collection, I have many mangas. Which do you like the best. Also vist the sister po...