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Anime / Manga


Best Anime Movie Ever? 2001-02-05
What is the Best Anime Movie you have ever seen?
Anime Poll 2001-03-13
Here's a poll asking you an anime question.
Favorite DBZ Character 2001-10-17
What is your favorite Dragonball Z character? Goku, Gohan, Vegeta...
Which DBZ story do you like the best? 2001-10-23
Welcome! WFF wants to know which of these stories you like the best!
Favorite Anime Cartoon 2001-11-24
Soo... What is it? Please only choose 1-2 shows.
Anime Characters, like or no? 2001-12-03
Hm, I've noticed that there have been many Anime characters that I have fallen for, and see that ...
Fav. Tool For Attacking Digimon 2001-12-16
Welcome, DigiHaters! This is our first ever monthly poll for the new Poll Room. Please take th...
*~*General Anime and Manga Poll*~* 2002-01-03
Well, this is a very short poll. I just want to know what anime or manga people like.
Are sick of DBZ/Dragon Ball Z 2002-02-11
i made this poll for those DBZ hatere
Yu-gi-oh! 2002-06-21
If ur a yu-gi-oh fan, try these polls!
Anime Horror Story 2002-06-29
I am writing a horror story filled with characters from various anime, and I need your opinion! ...
Another Anime Poll 2002-07-14
Just random anime related thoughts...
º•Another Dragonball/Z/GT Poll•º 2002-08-22
Just as the title says! :) And if you want me to add anything or anybody, just leave a message an...
What is the best anime? 2003-01-03
What is the best anime?
sailor moon poll 2003-03-19
take this quiz and have fun!
Yu-Gi-Oh fandom 2003-04-13
this is concerning Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. I'll be using the Japanese names cuz I like them better so :P...
Which Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon Did You Start Off With 2003-04-24
This is to see what the most popular starter pokemon is
My Anime Quiz 2003-05-07
Which Anime Characters or Anime do you like more? I wanna know!
Who is cooler Sailor Moon or Scooby Doo? 2003-05-13
This A newly thought up poll.
Anime vs American cartoons 2003-06-05
Please pick which one you prefer in general... thx =)
Anime Swordfight Contest Round 2 2003-07-01
Who is the better swordfighter
Anime Favorites 2003-07-15
Made a few changes for the better (but you probably won't notice).
Manga Quiz 2003-07-16
I just want to know how you rank Manga. I hope you like my quiz.
Pokémon Poll 2003-07-18
Just wonder what everybody's favorite pokémon is.
!pokemon ru/sa poll! 2003-11-15
hi! its just to know what do normal poeple think.