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Anime / Manga


Yu Gi Oh 2003-12-12
What's your favourite card
what is the best videogame YU GI OH Game 2003-12-16
i am looking fotr the best one out there
The IN-SANE *fingertwirl* Yu-Gi-Oh poll! 2004-02-03
A poll for any fan of Yu-Gi-Oh (particularly rabid ones) just dying to answer some questions abou...
Tenchi Muyo Fight Club 2004-02-11
I saw a poll like this before, only using characters from different animes. I thought I'd make on...
Best Anime! 2004-07-20
Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh! Sux) 2004-10-18
This poll is all about the popular TCG/CCG Duel Monsters. I refuse to call it Yu-Gi-Oh! due to t...
Manga!Manga!Manga! 2004-11-10
hey do u love manga? well c wat other peoples fave manga r
Anime Poll 2004-12-08
This poll is about finding out what anime characters and series are the best.
ANIME 2005-01-14
ANIME! trying to find which is the best anime :D sorry if i didnt put yours.
vote for your all-time favorite cartoon swordsman
Dragonball AF Poll 2005-04-21
This poll is about dbaf!!!!
Hottest Bishounen 2005-04-24
From my magazine, this is a poll to decide who's the hottest of anime/manga bishounen. Have fun^^...
Inuyasha - Everyone's Favorite 1/2 Dog Demon 2005-04-29
Poll is about the popular after-hours anime series, now in its fourth season.
Renaming Twin Two 2005-05-21
The majority (myself included) believe Sailor Italy should not be "Italy." Let's find t...
Anime Couples 2005-05-24
Which Anime couples do you like?
Best DragonballZ(GT) Fighter 2005-06-05
Pick one
INYUASHA 2005-07-05
What character are you?Find out which inu character your most like.
Favorite RK Male 2005-07-06
Which RK Male do you like the most?
Which? 2005-09-13
Code Lyoko 2005-09-14
This poll is about Code Lyoko
Your Favorite Anime 2005-09-28
I want you to answer this one, especially to those anime addicts, fans or whatsoever
which of these anime sound the most interesting 2005-10-24
over the days there's a lot of new anime coming so i made this poll.
Tokyo Lights Poll 2005-11-26
Just to see what you anime fans like most.
sailor moon or oh my goddess 2005-12-09
raey o r eij idijd d
Basilisk 2005-12-12
A complete analyze of your views on the anime, Basilisk.