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Anime / Manga


The Law of Power 2009-07-01
In the anime & manga series The Law of Ueki, God had 100 God Candidates each give a super pow...
Dragonball Z: Original Dub vs Redub 2009-07-03
A poll comparing the original dub of DBZ to the FUNimation redub
Clannad (anime), Clannad ~After Story~ (anime) 2009-07-03
Clannad (anime), Clannad ~After Story~ (anime)
Naruto female characters 2009-07-07
Chose on of this girls :D My favourite is Kurenai
Naruhina 2009-07-17
Naruto should bewith... 2009-07-17
Naruto should bewith...
Asura Cryin' 2009-07-17
Well, I liked the show, but I've noticed a lot of people flaming the show. What are your opinions?
Naruto characters hot or not 2009-07-18
ok i lyed in the naruhina pole but this includes more people. This one does not have everone but ...
Your Pactio 2009-07-18
The anime/manga "Negima! Magister Negi Magi" by Ken Akamatsu is a story about magic. In...
Naruto characters hot or not 2 2009-07-21
I am seriously starting to run out of of jokes give me ideas if you know how
Sasuke should be with 2009-07-21
This is just like the Naruto should be with pole accept with Sasuke. I also added some of the gir...
Bleach 50000 2009-07-25
Bleach 50000
Hinata should be with 2009-07-25
Ok this is the first girl should be with pole hopefully i can remember all the guys names
Anime Characters 2009-08-03
Anime Characters
Naruto Ultimante justu 2009-08-03
There are rumors about super powerful justu that have not yet been seen what is your opinion
Naruto would like 2009-08-05
When you clicked this you probably expected a couples pole but i want to know want kind of things...
Who Should Sasuke Uchiha End Up With? 2009-08-14
Who do you think Sasuke Uchiha (from the awesome anime Naruto) should End up with and who do you ...
The Best of Anime 2 (Miscellaneous) 2009-08-29
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. I put in characters from animes and man...
Sailor Moon / R / S / Super S poll 2009-09-26
A poll about the Sailor Moon anime, and Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S. On...
Last Man Standing 2009-10-08
Anime Insider had a department called Last Man Standing. In it two characters from different anim...
The Best of Anime (Items) 2009-11-11
Vote for your favorite items from animes. <a href='http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/438978'>...
Ash and Misty 2009-12-04
This is a poll to see how many people want Misty to return to the show and how many people think ...
One Piece Pirate Poll 2009-12-12
What if you were a pirate in the world of One Piece. What kind of pirate would you be? If your go...
Heroes vs Villians 2009-12-12
Heroes vs Villians
anime characters comparison 2009-12-12
a comparison of some anime characters