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Which is better rigid led pcb or flexible led pcb? 2022-12-30
rigid led pcb vs. flexible led pcb Which is better rigid led pcb or flexible led pcb?
girls who beat up superheroes 2022-12-30
I love fanfic about women and particularly girls beating up male superheroes. what should they b...
research for story about a place here women live under male guardianship 2021-11-13
A remote village in a mountain area presided over by Head Elder Judah Souter and the elder's coun...
ALternate Fates Hermione Granger 2021-11-12
Hermione Granger has been captured by Bellatrix. The following questions determine the fates of h...
favorite DC comics era 2021-11-12
Which is your favorite era of DC comics, classical (pre-crisis on Infinite earths) 80's, 90's, Di...
Bane vs Wonder Woman 2021-11-12
Bane battles Wonder Woman in a pitched fight.
Best Lord of the Rings Character 2021-08-04
vote on the best Lord of the Rings character
Marvel VS. DC Matchups 2017-06-27
Here are 30 different Marvel VS. DC matchups that are the best matchups I could come up while bei...
Defeating Black Widow 2016-12-26
What would it take for you to defeat Marvel Comics's Black Widow in a fight?
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction? 2016-10-23
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction?
books or movies 2016-10-13
In this poll people will be asked if they prefer to read books or watch movies.
Sigrid vs. Claudia 2016-09-13
Spanish comic's heroines. Sigrid (the blonde) vs. Claudia (the brunette) <img src="ht...
Fantasy Catfights 2016-06-08
A poll featuring a collection of various and random girl-on-girl or "catfight" scenario...
What do you prefer in fantasy novels? 2016-05-20
A poll for readers of fantasy novels where they can choose their preferences for the genre.
Should the Beano comic change paper format? 2015-12-02
Should the Beano comic change paper format?
The Beano Comic readership poll 2015-11-19
The Beano Comic readership poll
Topic of my next book? 2015-07-22
What should be the topic of my next book? 1. Rise of ISIS 2. Who are the Islamists? 3. Obama...
Best Superhero ? 2015-07-10
whats your fave superhero have your say !!
Who Is Better 2015-06-03
I have a wattpad.com account @Eeshu_10 and I need an actress playing the role of Elexabeth in &qu...
Which is yor favourite British Comic? 2015-05-19
It's the Beano vs the Dandy.
Would you watch an animated film based on the Book "The Spooks Apprentice"? 2015-05-19
Would you be interested in watching an animated film based on the book call "The Spooks Appr...
Is it weird for a 22 year old to still buy the Beano comic? 2015-05-19
I still read the Beano
Which newspaper do you read? 2015-05-19
A poll to find out about people's newspaper reading habits. UK specific.
have you joined mister poll 2015-05-19
vote now!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Can Do Everything Video's 2015-05-11
lol = lol . We Can Do Every...