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MARVEL VS DC(Comicbook Battles) 2009-07-11
This is a poll of your favorite superheroes from each comicbook universe going head to head, you ...
Superhero Battles 2009-07-06
Superhero's Fighting there best Fight , Who'd Win
marvel quiz 2009-07-05 (closed)
marvel quiz
Mystic World 2009-07-05
Many book are in a fantasy world wher there is magic and dragons. Intelligent non-human races, ga...
Stephanie Plum-Ranger Fans 2009-07-03
In an interview earlier this year, Janet Evanovich called fans of her character, Ranger Manoso, &...
The Stand Twitter Poll! 2009-07-01 (closed)
As many of you know, there is #thestandpoll taking place on Twitter. Please take the time to r...
inheritance cycle book 4 predictions 2009-06-29 (closed)
inheritance cycle book 4 predictions
Goku vs. The Enterprise 2009-06-25
One of many, many possible fights on my website: www.fightingtournament.weebly.com. It's a vote-...
Comic book fans--do you like my website?? 2009-06-25
My website involves a randomized tournament of everything from comic book characters to tv and mo...
Stephanie Plum Series Poll 2009-06-25
A poll for readers of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Who do you want Stephanie to end ...
Twilight vs. Harry Potter 2009-06-25 (closed)
I love both book series, and I want to know how YOU think they compare!
Books 1? 2009-06-12
Of the two choices, which would you rather read (even if you didn't want to read either of them, ...
Objects of Power 2009-06-12
In many movies, TV shows, comics, and books there are objects that hold great power and often gre...
Harry Potter vs Negima! 2009-06-12
In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy in England wh...
use of words in poetry 2009-06-08
I am wondering if you guys think these words should be used in poetry
Anime vs Marvel Series 2009-06-05
Anime vs Marvel Series
Warrior Cats 2009-05-29
This poll is about a series of books called Warrior cats that I have really enjoyed reading...if ...
help with titles for these 2 poems 2009-05-24
I have written these two poems and wondering what I should title them
Betty or Veronica? 2009-05-22
Archie is finally getting married...who do you think it should be?
harry potter favorites 2009-05-18
harry potter favorites
Harry Potter - "And that's what it's all about!" 2009-05-09 (closed)
What could be better than a poll about everyones favorite book series????
Randomness 2009-05-07 (closed)
I asked for Random and this is what we have come up with. Enjoy!
Saddest Moment in Sookieverse 1-8 2009-04-30 (closed)
From your submissions, we have narrowed the field. Considering Books 1-8 of the Sookie Stackhous...
Sookie Sookie Sookie 2009-04-28 (closed)
Finally it is Sookie's week ALL to herself. :) Enjoy.
Who gave the best makeover? 2009-04-25 (closed)
Which one of our SDS members gave the best makeover?