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Elimination on Object Show 2015-05-04
Elimination on Object Show
Boys who read this magazine 2015-01-06
Seventeen magazine readers who are boys between 5 and 17.
How would you make this scene funnier in my novel when a geek loses a NAKED bet? 2014-11-04
Alison and Martin were both college freshmen who have always been best friends, but JUST friends....
The Sandman 2014-09-19
A poll about Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series...
What does realism mean to you? 2014-09-19
As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is apprec...
Favorite Books 2014-08-13
Just one question, what is your favorite book?
Marvel Movies 2014-07-29
Which is your favorite?
Which Divergent faction would you choose? 2014-07-07
If you have read the book divergent, or have at least seen the movie, which of the five factions ...
Boys who read this magazine 2014-05-19
For boys 6-15
Boys who really read this magazine 2014-05-08
For 7-15 ages boys only
Favourite and Least Favourite Batman Villains 2014-04-21
I realised that I haven't made a new poll in ages. Here's a new one for y'all.
Favorite Genre of Books 2014-03-24 (closed)
Favorite Genre of Books
Boys who read girl magazines 2014-03-03
Boys who read girl magazines
doctor who a poll through time and space 2014-03-03
doctor who a poll through time and space
Who's your Super hero? 2014-02-25
Who's your Super hero?
Starbound 2013-12-18
Smart Products 2013-10-11
Smart Products
which avenger? 2013-08-27
which NEW avenger do you want to see in avengers 2 2015.
Help me name my Love Interest! What's your favorite name? 2013-08-14
Help me name my Love Interest! What's your favorite name?
Books: Print or Electronic? 2013-06-24
Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, print was virtually th...
Book Choice 2013-06-20
Here are the books nominated for the list!
Super hero battles 2013-06-05
Who would win if they were high on steroids and pissed off with each other? You decide
Starbound Magazine 2013-05-31
Marvel Vs DC 3 2013-05-20
Marvel Vs DC 2 2013-05-15