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Batman 2002-05-01
Is Batman a superhero?
Books 2002-04-29
Favorite Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books 2002-03-19
Vote on your fave. author and book in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.
X-MENS BEAST 2002-01-03
The creators at marvel have recently desided to change to appearance of one of the x-mens best lo...
Which Batman villian is the coolest? 2001-12-12
There are lots of villans, but which is the best?
BEST COMIC 2001-12-12
All of these comics are good, but which is the best???
Comics Poll 2001-12-06
Into comics? Share your opinions, make a difference. Or not.
Book VS T.V. 2001-09-29
This has been a debate among my friends and I. What do you think.
Favorite Comic Book Company 2001-08-11
Choose your favorite comic company -DC or Marvel-
Spirituality/Religion Books 2001-06-21
What books on religion & spirituality do you read or buy? Why?
UncannyXmen Polls 2001-03-08
Polls on the X-men of course
Who is the best X-men character of all time? 2000-12-12
Hello my name is...um...let's just say ROUGE. Hi! My name is ROUGE and this is my poll. Please ...