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reading 2013-05-13
do you like to read?
Who is your Favorite Marvel Character? 2013-05-06
no explanation just imagination
Good name for my leading man/love interest/Prince in disguise? 2013-03-28
He's a quiet, rebellious kind of guy who has a problem with authority. He finds it hard to trust ...
Who is cooler and/or smarter batman or ironman 2013-03-05
Who is cooler and/or smarter batman or ironman
Which book/seires should I read next? 2013-02-27
These are all the books I have on my to read list and want help picking where to begin.
Marvel vs. DC Superheroes 2013-02-25
I just made some match-ups for a Marvel and a DC. Take your picks.
Marvel Characters 2013-02-11
Choose your favourite Marvel characters from the list
Would you read? 2013-01-14
Would you read a book about any of these things?
Should I make a fanfiction 2013-01-09
Well......should I?
Favorite American Poet 2012-12-18
Favorite American Poet
Best Book Ever 2012-12-18
What is the best book ever written in the world and history who had a lot of influence?
Library Usage 2012-12-04
This poll is to measure how much the average person knows about their public library's sources as...
Gay Lifestyle Magazine Blog 2012-11-26
Gay Lifestyle Magazine Blog
Poll about tabloids 2012-10-22
Poll about tabloids
What is the most important part of a comic? 2012-10-22 (closed)
What do you find to be the most important part of a comic?
Of the biggest Marvel Heroes, which is your favorite? 2012-09-04
Of the biggest Marvel Heroes, which is your favorite?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 2012-08-20
Are you sure you know the book well? Test your knowledge with this poll!!
Fantastic Four poll 2012-08-20
Fantastic Four poll
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie? 2012-08-15
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie?
hunger games stuff 2012-08-10
look at the title.
Interest in Classes 2012-07-23
Interest in Classes
What Are Your Reading Preferences Survey 2012-07-23
I'm writing a novel and want to see what types of readers are out there :) If you like to read, ...
DC vs. Marvel 2012-07-23
DC vs. Marvel
If you were a Mermaid 2012-07-11
If you were a mermaid what kind would you be? :)
What Harry Potter Book/Movie Is The Best/Worst? 2012-06-25
We all have our favorite book, but sometimes our favorite movie might be different for an entire ...