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Superhero Poll 2006-12-31
This poll is about DC and Marvel comics superheroes, and which ones people like the most. Simple ...
Marvel vs. DC 2008-03-30
poll about superheroes and heroines in both the Marvel and DC comic world.
Best Harry Potter Poll-- TAKE ME! 2003-07-06
Hey guys! If you're anybody who's everybody, you love Harry Potter! I have seen so many websites ...
Valyrian Steel Product Line 2008-07-23
Which items would you like to see us make next? Longclaw will be first, and then Needle. Ice will...
Twilight vs harry potter 2008-10-18
I would like to ask you witch one do you like the best!!!!
Marvel VS. DC Matchups 2017-06-27
Here are 30 different Marvel VS. DC matchups that are the best matchups I could come up while bei...
A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE POLL!!!!!!! 2010-07-26
Hi, this is a poll for anyone who has read the ASoIaF books including: A Game of Thrones, A Clash...
Battle Between Harry Potter Characters 2006-07-10
Hey Harry Potter fans, here is a poll pitting the character against each other in fighting scenar...
Which superhero would win in a fight to the death? 2006-02-22
Classic superhero-vs-superhero battles. You decide the victors.
Best Superhero ? 2015-07-10
whats your fave superhero have your say !!
Best Harry Potter character 2007-08-10
Just wanna know what everyones favorite Harry Potter character is, mind this is the books, and te...
Betty or Veronica? 2009-05-22
Archie is finally getting married...who do you think it should be?
books or movies 2016-10-13
In this poll people will be asked if they prefer to read books or watch movies.
Harry Potter Characters 2007-08-14
Which character is your favorite?
What do you prefer in fantasy novels? 2016-05-20
A poll for readers of fantasy novels where they can choose their preferences for the genre.
Superman vs Batman vs Spiderman!!! 2007-02-28
3 amazing superheroes battle it out in this poll.
Favorite Harry Potter Book 2007-08-04
Assuming you have read ALL seven of the Harry Potter Books, could you tell me which was tops in e...
Harry Potter characters 2007-07-23
So, who are your favourite and least favourite characters?
DC vs. Marvel 2012-07-23
DC vs. Marvel
Favorite Comic Book Company 2001-08-11
Choose your favorite comic company -DC or Marvel-
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction? 2016-10-23
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction?
Fantasy Catfights 2016-06-08
A poll featuring a collection of various and random girl-on-girl or "catfight" scenario...
Favourite and Least Favourite Batman Villains 2014-04-21
I realised that I haven't made a new poll in ages. Here's a new one for y'all.
use of words in poetry 2009-06-08
I am wondering if you guys think these words should be used in poetry
Marvel Vs. DC Battle 2010-12-08
Marvel Vs. DC Battle