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Hilary Duff vs Britney Spears 2004-04-19
tell me what you like better out of each catagory of the two celebrities.
Ryan Seacres...? 2004-04-20
Hey, it seems to me that Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol) is on the borderline of at least t...
The Bill Girls 2004-04-24
Please vote on my poll about the female characters in the ITV Drama The Bill
Are THEY UGLY part 2 2004-04-26
since there were so many votes for the 1st are they ugly i decided to do a second one. tell me if...
Elijah 2004-04-27
about Elijah Wood
Hottest Female Contest Nominations 2004 2004-04-28
Who Is Hotter? The top 64 will be entered into the tournament which will begin June 1st
Which actor is cooler? 2004-04-30
~Brave New Girl~ and more! 2004-04-30
this film was on the ABC family channel and was based on the book "a mothers gift" writ...
Jennifer Aniston Poll 2004-04-30
Please answer the questions below.
All celebs whos hottest? 2004-04-30
Please answer ALL the questions below! Thanks!
Which Of These 3 Women Are Hotter 2004-05-04
Britney's ONYX HOTEL TOUR 2004-05-05
This tour is very controversial, tell me what you think of the your IF YOU HAVE SEEN IT!
WHO IS THE TRUE EVIL? 2004-05-06
this is for fun.. but tell the truth
Who's the sexiest actress 2004-05-19
pick your favorite honey
Madonna poll 2004-05-19
Please answer the questions below. Thank you!
Funniest Male Celebrity 2004-05-29
Choose Who You Believe Is The Funniest Male Celebrity
Like a VIRGIN or NOT 2004-06-03
Tell me what you think of these women and men.
HOT Body or NASTY spears,aniston & more PT 1 2004-06-03
Tell me what you think of these celebrity bodys!!
~Jennifer Lopez VS Christina Aguilera and more~ 2004-06-04
Tell me who is better in all of these catagories. thanks.
Will you be FAMOUS? 2004-06-04
Do you want to lead a celebrity life? Answer these two questions, please!
The best Actor/Actress 2004-06-04
Who do you think is the best at acting?
Young Female Celebrities Semi-Finals 2004-06-07
Who Would Win...
Hottest Female Contest Nominations 2004 Part 2 2004-06-07
55 Ladies have made it into the contest and 11 more fight for the last nine so who is hotter
Hottest Teen Star 2004-06-08
witch teen is the hottest
Who's hotter? 2004-06-08
Determining who is hotter, Mandy Moore or Lindsey Lohan.