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What would you like to see from Jack Black in the future? 2004-06-09
This poll asks what you wish Jack Black would do with his career now.
Male Celebs 2004-06-09
You Choose
Lindsay Lohan poll 2004-06-11
tell me what you think about this actress/singer.
pacino vs. deniro 2004-06-14
they are compared and contrasted often. but who do you really think is better. many are fans of b...
Belly vs. Belly 2004-06-16
Celebrities - That - Have Well-Developed-MidSections
better ACTRESS or SINGER spears,duff and more 2004-06-16
Tell me if you think these celebs are better at acting or singing.
Jessica Simpson ANNOYING or LOVABLE 2004-06-22
Tell me what you think about jessica simpson. I personally think she is an overrated artist that ...
Sexiest Body summer 2004 2004-06-22
Tell me who you think have sexy bodies.
Battle of the Young Babes (Part II) 2004-06-22
The poll to decide all of the debate about which young star is the hottest CONTINUES...The first ...
britney spears best feature 2004-07-02
what part of britneys look is your favorite
Hottest Rappers 2004-07-02
They all have talent, They all grew up in bad places....does that make them all HOT??? We gotta k...
Who's More BootyLicious? 2004-07-06
It's Your Turn To Tell Me Who Has The Best Booty in Showbiz?
Britney Spears Knee Injury FAKE or REAL 2004-07-06
Tell me what you think of britney and if you feel bad for her. She had to cancel her north americ...
Favourite teen stars/shows 2004-07-07
Here is a poll to finally conclude who the publics favourite teen stars are. I have tried to incl...
Hottest Female Contest Round 1 2004 2004-07-07
Who Is Hotter?
Celeb Couples HOT or NOT Awards 2004-07-10
Tell me what you think of these celeb couples.
Who's Hotter? 2004-07-10
I think Alyssa Milano?
Most Talented and Most Beautiful 2004-07-10
tell me what you think.
Matthew Perry 2004-07-10
All About Matthew Perry
SCQ vs StarStruck 2004-07-14
"The Ultimate Final Battle" Who has the best talent and the most popular?!!!
your MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2004 part 1 2004-07-14
Tell me what you think.
Gillian Anderson Vs Jessica Lynch 2004-07-19
Who IS Hotter?
Best BREASTS and BUTTS summer awards 2004-08-02
Tell me who you think is the hottest in each catagory.
In Touch with your celebs August 2 2004-08-02
Please answer the questions below honestly. Thank you!
F.r.i.e.n.d.s 2004-08-03