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Who is the Hottest Guy 2005-01-13
This is a poll to let me know who you think is the hottest guy celebrity of 2004
Female"TEEN"Stars Under 30...Rate!! 2005-01-14
These actress and singer are well known to be a hit star in Hollywood!! How to you like them!! Ra...
Who's better looking? 2005-01-17
Better looking female
For Guys 2005-01-17
The movie Nicoe Kidman is the sexiest.
Celebs, movies and other Hollywood stuff! 2005-01-18
Just some questions about some of the hottest stars of today!
what sister you like more 2005-01-18
what celeb sis you like more
Raven or Hilary?teen queen? 2005-01-18
raven and hilary who have and had a tv show battle it out to become teen queen!
Young Starlets Compete!!! 2005-01-21
Four girls under 17: Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's sister), Emma Watson (Hermione in Harry Potter)...
Catfights for Namesake Bragging Rights: A 2005-01-21
A series in which celebrities of the same first name are paired up. Who would win a REAL LIFE CA...
Red-Haired Girls Are ... 2005-01-21
Let's have fun with some generalizations!!!
Ashlee Simpson 2005-01-23
What do you think about her?
For Lesbians 2005-01-31
Nicole Kidman
For guys 2005-01-31
Nicole Kidman is
Celebs WEEKLY the hot the SEXY:Britney and more 2005-02-02
Tell me what you think.
Lindsay Lohan 2005-02-02
You can vote about LL .
You see Daniel Radcliffe down your local street... 2005-02-04
A little informative and expressful poll.
Better VOICES:Britney,Christina,Beyonce and more 2005-02-04
Tell me TRUTHFULLY who has the best voice. This means putting thier HOTNESS behind. Just based on...
Emma Bunton/Baby Spice, RATE HER 2005-02-04
In your opinion, what does Emma Bunton rate?
Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson 2005-02-08
Avril and Ashlee are somewhat compared! Here's your chance to share your veiwss on who is better!!
For Guys 2005-02-08
Nicole Kidman
This is strictly for females! :) 2005-02-14
Well, ladies :) Which one of these guys do you prefer? :)
Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt 2005-02-17
whos hotter
Guys on dating and girls 2005-02-18
How often do guys ask girls out, what do guys like most in a girl, are most guys too shy to appro...
Britney Do Somethin Video Release US 2005-02-18
Now the video is released in US. You can now vote for the video.
David Desrosiers 2005-02-21
Ok this is a David poll got that??? So if you don't know who that is...then screw off!!!