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Kate Upton Wrestling / Fighting 2015-02-20
Kate Upton dominates the modeling world but could she dominate in a mixed fight or wrestling matc...
catfight - mini league 12 2017-05-06
kristen stewart, lily collins, emma watson and dakota fanning in a thrilling catfight...
Britney Spears vs. Carmen Electra 2003-11-24
Britney Spears vs. Carmen Electra
madeleine stowe catfights 2006-01-12
Alexis Bledel Catfights 2009-07-25
Alexis, who was previously known as being not athletic at all, is in fact a decent tennis and rac...
strongest young actresses 2010-12-28
kristen stewart, isabelle fuhrman, elle fanning, dakota fanning, emma watson and chloe moretz in ...
Celebrity Female Battles 2003-01-27
Who would win the following specialty matches if such an event were held?
celebrity catfight spankfest 2004-02-16
celebrity rivals fight out it with the winner spanking the loser
!!!!!!Beyonce celeb catfights!!!!!!! 2005-01-25
Who do you prefer when compared to Beyonce???
gladiatrix 2014-05-29
emma watson as gladiatrix. rome, the colosseum. emma has the right to save one of her opponents' ...
<img src="http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/anne-heche/anne-heche-20040429-1718.jpg&...
Hermione vs. co- Students, Friends & Ennemies 2008-11-18
According to Sirius Black and JK Rowling, Hermione is the brightest witch of her age. Can Emma Wa...
Celebrity Judokas... 2009-11-11
Speed, concentration, strength and agility...
Emma Watson and Kiernan Shipka 2015-01-02
Cute girls compared
Famous girls' merciless fights 2015-06-21
Pretty girls in a rough fight using their most prominent feminine attributes...
Anne Heche vs Tara Reid: wrestling 2015-09-18
<img src="http://www.born-today.com/btpix/heche_anne2.jpg"> <img src="ht...
hottest fights 2007-02-11
the perfect catfight 2007-02-17
Hermione wrestling HP Colleagues 2010-02-08
Young sportswoman Emma Watson aka Hermione fighting her fellow actresses
Emma Watson and Alyson Michalka 2010-07-28
Cute girls compared
Emma Watson and Hayden Panettiere 2010-09-23
Cute girls compared
Celebrity Catfights!!!!! 2002-05-12
What do you think would happen??? This is round one. Winners will move on to round two which wi...
The ULTIMATE Celebrity Wrestling Poll - 38 Big Matches 2002-09-16
Come vote in my poll
celebrities - who is prettier, sexier and stronger? 2003-06-18
Main points are face, legs and power
Rate female celibrities 2003-08-28
This is the most effective way to analyse the voters thoughts on celebs catfighting capabilities ...