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Vote the most beautiful woman in the world! 2005-11-15
Choose who among the following is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!
Jessica Lynch Vs natalie Portman 2005-11-15
Who is hotter?
Amber Smith vs Krista Allen 2005-11-19
Which actress is sexier? Amber Smith (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model) or Krista Allen?
Gillian Anderson Vs Jessica Lynch 2005-11-21
Who is hotter
Avril vs Ashley 2005-12-06
this is to see wether avril is way much better then ashley or visa versa
7 babe match 2005-12-13
Who is hotter?
My Favorite Celebrities 2 2005-12-13
WhIch is the hottest
Female Celeb Wrestling Rd 4 2005-12-17
Who has the most powerful legs? We are down to the final 4 baby!!!! This is a scissors submission...
Harry 2005-12-20
Who do you think looks the part the most?
Hilary vs. Brittney 2005-12-28
One thing u need to know before u take this quiz is, who is hotter!
Who is the most annoying TV star? 2005-12-28
television stars
Are celebrities taking over our lives? 2005-12-29
I want to know, do you feel the pressure? is it just girls who are feeling the strain of the medi...
Girl Battle! 2005-12-30
These babes battle for the Womens Championship there fate is in your hands there made up but who ...
Hair Wars Final Round 2005-12-31
The finals of the Hair Wars Tournament
Female Celeb Wrestling Championship 2006-01-03
Who has the most powerful legs? At last, the finals. This is a scissors submission only tourname...
Actresses - Skills and Looks 2006-01-06
Poll to see which actresses are the most skilled and which are the best looking
Hottest Female Contest 2005 Round 5 2006-01-06
Who is hotter?
JoHnNy DePp!!!!! 2006-01-09
I personally believe Johnny Depp is the most wonderful actor there is, but what do you think?
The Hottest Female Celebs 2006-01-09
Check all the Female Celebs that you think are the hottest. For example, if you rate them out of ...
Tom Cruise Vs. Christian Bale 2006-01-12
Do I really need to explain what to do?.........no. No, I don't.
Stern Revelations 2006-01-14
Just as the title says, match the revelation with the person you think it belongs to
Vote the HOTTEST GUY!!! - Playoffs FINAL 2006-01-15
These two gorgeous and sexy guys are in the first 32 of the "Vote the HOTTEST GUY!!!" p...
Which Sexy Male Celeb would u love to take to prom/formal and see in a tux? who knows maybe after...
Is Tupac Alive 2006-01-18
What do you tupac fans think, is Tupac dead or alive?
Who is more talented: Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan 2006-02-02
This two are said to hate each other, and both are very popular. But which one really desrrves it...