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Jessica Lynch Vs Alyssa Milano 2006-02-15
Who Is Hotter?
mOsT bEaUtIfUl AcTrEsS iN hOlLyWoOd 2006-02-22
most beautiful actress in hollywood
Celeb TrIvia 411 2006-02-22
this is a kewl celeb poll! have fun
Celebrity Attractiveness 2006-02-24
Which singer is more attractive.... Cheryl Tweedy or Shakira?
Who's the hottest? 2006-03-02
Your choice of the hottest male American Idol contestant.
SEXY CLIPS (for males only) 2006-03-04
This poll is about female popstars and their sexy video clips.
What Do You Hate Most About Hilary? 2006-03-13
You can hate Hilary for ANY reason. BUT WHY?!
Hilary Duff 2006-03-19
Do you like her
Is Hilary Duff hotter than......... 2006-03-20
Is Hilary Duff hotter than....
Anna Popplewell revealing 2006-03-21
Anna Popplewell, Susan Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia, has developed into a hot, sexy mature ...
The Most Beautiful Miss Netherlands 2006-03-21
These are the beauties of the Netherlands to the MISS UNIVERSE, MISS EARTH, MISS WORLD and MISS I...
Favorite Fat Celebrity? 2006-03-23
U know u got one
Who Would Win In A Boxing Match? 2006-03-30
Hudson defeated Caan and Reynolds defeated Selleck. That sets up a final of Burt Reynolds vs. Roc...
Julia Roberts Vs Jessica Alba 2006-03-30
Who is hotter?
Kate Hudson vs Kirsten Dunst 2006-03-31
Who is sexier? Who is stronger?
My Favorite Celebrities 3 2006-04-04
Which is the hottest?
Hottest Female Contest 2005 Round 7 2006-04-04
Who is hotter?
nicole kidman vs anne heche 2006-04-06
super match
Shouls Britney Dump Kevin? 2006-04-06
Do you think Britney and Kevin are meant to be, or Britney should leave him to look and see....fo...
Anthony Hopkins vs. Martin Sheen 2006-04-08
Who's better?
Survivor Sexy Babes Rd9 Finals 2006-04-28
Sexy Babes version of Survivor
Baby Custody 2006-05-06
Simple poll as to who will end up with custody of Tom and Katie's baby Suri.
Who is the best female singer??? 2006-05-10
Who do u think is better?
Most Beautiful WWE Diva 2006-05-13
Who is the most beautiful out of these WWE divas?