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Most Beautiful WWE Diva 2006-05-13
Who is the most beautiful out of these WWE divas?
Competition For Best Actress 4th Round 2006-05-26
Sexiest Woman In TheWorld 2006-06-05
Who's the sexiest?
Morgan Webb vs Kristen Holt (catfight) 2006-06-05
The ultimate G4 fight between X-play's steaming Morgan Webb and Cheat's sexy Kristen holt, who wi...
I Want To Know 2006-06-05
...daily question
Who's Hot? Who's Not? 2006-06-06
We want to know which artist the people think are on top of their game.
JESUS' blood Type POLL 2006-06-07
He shed his blood for our sins, but do we know what his blood type is? Can you tell us what you ...
ALL NEW - "Hollywood's MOST SEXIEST MAN"-Your Pick-Who ? 2006-06-11
Who do you think is Hollywood's most sexiest looking male (Please select one)- Names mentioned he...
armwrestling: cameron diaz vs mira sorvino 2006-06-13
Ashley Tisdale 2006-06-14
jessica alba vs kate moss 2006-06-16
beatiful women
ashlee/avril vs lindsay/paris 2006-06-21
seriously, ashlee and avril are better than lindsay and paris
HOTNESS test of celebs 2006-06-29
Test the hotness of stars
Celeb Sisters 2006-06-29
Simpsons vs Olsens vs Spears
Celebrities 2006-07-05
Best and Favorite Cologne 2006-07-05
Women, what cologne does your man smell sexy in? What cologne is best for chillin' with girlfrien...
Gwen Stefani 2006-07-07
Is Gwen Stefani physically strong? She did about 20 consecutive male push-ups in about 12 seconds...
wk 2006 2006-07-10
Who is more beautiful- Kate Winslet or Tania Raymonde? 2006-07-20
Who do you think is more beautiful- Kate Winslet or Tania Raymonde?
Who is Hotter again? 2006-07-20
Who is Hotter?
Celebrity couples 2006-07-24
Just a little poll about your favorite current and former celebrity couples!
Jesse McCartney's smile 2006-07-29
Jesse mentioned in an interwiew that he doesn't like his smile since it is not symmetric. Sometim...
The Most Annoying Celebrity!!!!!!! 2006-08-05
You Choose Who Is The Most Annoying.
Stupid Girls 2006-08-09
You Choose!!!!!!!!!!!
Pornstar : Kelly Jaye VS Stacy Valentine 2006-08-14
Who is hotter?