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Favourite sibling 2006-08-15
Justin Timberlake Vs. Usher 2006-08-17
I am a big fan of both, but i want you people to keep in mind that were not looking for WHOS GOT ...
Big Brother Fighting Arena! 2006-08-21
Choose the victor of the Big Brother House's Fighting Arena. Remember, only one will win!
Rate These Girls 2006-08-21
just rate them on how hot/sexy they are. 10 is the best
The Hottest Song 2006-08-21
Choose the song you think is rockin out the best.
Pornstar : Stacy Valentine VS Rocki Roads 2006-08-28
Who is hotter?
Teen Girl Star Tournament RD 1 (Emma Watson vs Amanda Bynes) 2006-09-13
This the first round of my teen tournament. The tournament will consist of 8 female stars so to b...
Famous Or Not? 2006-09-13
You tell us who you think is still famous
Who Would win in a Fight??? 2006-09-17
Who would come out on top in a street fight?
Is Jennifer Aniston too hot for Vince? 2006-09-22
Now that Jennifer and Brad are no longer together I wonder if she's just a little too much for Vi...
Courteney Cox Or Lisa Kudrow? 2006-09-25
A poll about who you think is the prettiest without make-up?
Pam Anderson / Jessica Simpson CATFIGHT 2006-10-08
What happens when Pam and Jessica tangle in bikinis?
JENNGELINA 2006-10-09
Jennifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt. A big battle. Whose side are you own?
Winona Ryder VS Serena Williams 2006-10-09
How would Winona armwrestle against Serena?
Winona Ryder VS Christina Ricci 2006-10-09
How would Winona armwrestle against Christina?
Winona Ryder VS Calista Flockhart 2006-10-09
How will Winona armwrestle against Calista?
Winona Ryder VS Jessica Biel 2006-10-11
How would Winona do against Jessica in armwrestling?
Celebrity Death Match 2006-10-13
You Choose!!
What Is Your Favorite Celebrity Gossip Magazine? 2006-10-24
Look to see what others favs are.
Miley Cyrus or Emily Osment? 2006-10-28
Which would you prefer?
Winona Ryder VS Jenny McCarthy 2006-10-29
Who will win?
Winona Ryder stength comparison 2006-10-30
How strong is Winona?
keira knightley vs sienna miller 2006-10-30
The Cheetah Girls! 2006-11-02
Ashley Judd Vs Alicia Silverstone 2006-11-06
Who is hotter?