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Most beautiful guy ever 2007-02-13
Whos your fav
Anna Nicole Poll! 2007-02-17
C'mon, you know you want to.
who do you like better vanessa hudgens or ashley tisdale 2007-02-17
just asking people who do you like better
Who is stronger. Michelle Trachtenburg v Amanda Bynes 2007-02-22
Who is stronger Michelle or Amanda
John Cena 2007-02-22
Do you like John Cena?
celebrity dating 2007-02-24
Britney Spears Coochie 2007-02-28
Is it ugly and gross ?
what celebrities do you like(tick as many as you like) 2007-02-28
what celebs do you like
questions questions questions 2007-03-06
These are polls!!!!!!!!!
Ladies, which of these women would you love to look like? 2007-03-09
Ladies, who would you want to look like?
Do You Know Any Hungaian People? 2007-03-12
Do you know any hungarian celebrities as a non-hungarian? PS. please don't use google search b...
Who looks better -2? 2007-03-21
Of these fellas, who is the best looking?
Demi Moore vs Kelly Hu Vs Jolene Blalock Vs Billie piper 2007-03-25
Who is hotter?
Kelly Hu Vs Jennifer Aniston 2007-03-25
Who is hotter?
better butt? 2007-04-07
Which of these guys has the better ass?
Who's Hotter 2007-04-13
You choose which girl is hotter! If you don't know them search an image of them on http://www.go...
Favourite Bollywood Actor 2007-04-13
Hottest of these 3 women? 2007-04-24
Who is the hottest?
Natalie Portman Wrestling 2007-05-04
Who can she beat?
Charlize Theron Vs Kelly Hu 2007-05-04
Who is hotter?
Anne Hathaway vs Emmy Rossum 2007-05-10
Who is the more attractive of the two?
Paris Hilton 2007-05-10
Why is the media and the general public so interested in Paris Hilton?
Charlize Theron Vs Kelly Hu 2007-05-18
Who is hotter?
Top 10 "Sexiest Celebrities" 2007-05-21
The real top ten
anne heche and kate moss 2007-06-04