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Which Would You Choose? 2007-06-06
just random questions of what would you choose?
Should Paris Hilton go back to jail or not? 2007-06-18
Yupp, she couldn't last in jail. But what do you think Paris needs to do?
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 2007-06-21
The poll creator is a big fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley but of some other actress too (the * indi...
Winona Ryder VS Brooke Shields 2007-06-22
Who will win?
Which male celebraty is the best?!? 2007-06-25
These are some of my favorite celebraties, both because of their talent and good looks. Label the...
Rate the wwe divas 2007-07-03
You gotta rate the wwe divas
Winona's action movie fitness test 2007-07-22
After reading for an action role she's called to a fitness test....Winona is 5'2 and weighs 100lb...
Who is the hottest actress?!?! 2007-07-24
Who is the hottest actress?!?!
eva longoria 2007-07-24
do you like eva longoria
Whos the prettiest 2007-08-04
its about whos the prettiest
Whos the hottest 2007-08-06
its about whos the hottest
MCRhate 2007-08-06
Who hates them 'best'?
What's the best name for a celebrity? 2007-08-08
What's the best name for a celebrity? You choose.
Next celebrity baby 2007-08-21
what do you think the next celebrity baby's name will be? and who will the parents be?
New Bench Presses 2007-08-23
Girls pushing the bar
Home Improvement: Jonathan Taylor Thomas 2007-08-23
Home Improvement was on air from 1981 to 1988. If the boys would fight, who wins?
Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Dolores O'Riordan 2007-09-02
Catfight Tournament
Gwen Stefani challenges other celebs 2007-09-02
Who is hotter?
High School Musical 2007-09-02
What do you like best about High School Musical and who id=s your favorite character
Some kind of wonderful: Lea Thompson-Mary Stuart Masterson 2007-09-06
In the 1987-film "Some kind of wonderful" there are two wonderful actresses: Lea Thomps...
Christina Aguilera vs Nelly Furtado 2007-09-10
The competition
Anna Chakvetadze vs Agnes Szavay 2007-09-14
Two highlights of the US Open?
Ryder vs Heche 2007-09-15
total fight
Nelly Furtado vs Gwen Stefani 2007-09-15
The competition
Sarah Connor VS. strongest female celebrities 2007-10-15
beautiful "strength" of Sarah Connor