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who is the WORSTceleb? 2007-10-29
Hi! we all know how awful these stars are... but who is the absolute worst???!
whats more famous 2007-10-31
this poll is just a quick and easy poll to find out what is more famous out of nickelback and Les...
Who is the hottest 2007-11-27
Who is the hottest out of the males?
Celebrity Fights part 2 2007-11-29
Who do you think would win in a fight? All of these matches are taking place inside of an octogon...
Mariah Carey 2007-12-03
Mariah Carey Fans
Ansiton vs Jolie 2007-12-06
If you love cleb news and gossip then this is the poll ofr you the aniston vs jolie catfight thin...
Paris Poll 2007-12-07
I want to know everyone's opinion of Paris Hilton. Whether you hate her, love her, whatever.
Figure skaters vs Gymnasts 2007-12-08
America's World and Olympic Figure Skaters vs America's World and Olympic Gymnasts in a Kung Fu a...
Ashlee and Jessica Simpson vs Haylie and Hilary Duff 2007-12-08
What if the Simpson sisters got in a hand to hand karate and judo fight with the Duff sisters.
Mitzi Kapture vs Jane Seymour 2007-12-10
fantasy match
Kim Zmeskal (Gymnast) vs. Tara Lipinski (Figure Skater) 2007-12-13
What if there was a fight between Kim and Tara. Who would win. Kim Zmeskal in 1991 World All aro...
favorite actress 2007-12-27
relativley simple, which actress do you prefer?
Figure Skater and Gymnast vs the Hilton Sisters 2007-12-27
Amber Corwin and Carly Patterson appeared together at the 2006 Hilton Skating and Gymnastics Spec...
Aniston vs Jolie (Who won?) 2008-01-02
Yes everyone's been talking about it who should of brad chose?, whos better for him? The whole an...
Is Shiloh really Brads Child 2008-01-02
Its strange because personally i believe that shiloh isn't brad's child but no one has ever menti...
Serena Williams thighs 2008-01-31
Serena Williams thighs
Celebrity love 2008-02-08
do you have a crush on a celebrity.
Who is the best-looking man? 2008-03-05
Who is the best-looking man?
Jonas Brothers 2008-03-19
Jonas Brothers
The Ultimate Showdown 2008-04-09
A movie poll: To finally decide on the supreme movie fighter.
There is a Debate! 2008-04-22
There is a Debate!
Who is the hottest male celebrity? 2008-04-23
Who is the hottest male celebrity?
Who is hotter? 2008-05-12
Who is hotter?
What do you think of Britney Spears 2008-05-24
What do you think of Britney Spears
Celebrity Death Fights 2 2008-06-07
More celebrity blood shed!