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Who is the sexiest female Canadian? 2011-07-07
For one of my next make up tutorials I'd like to do a top ten Canadian make up look. So I need to...
<img src="http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTY1OTg1MTY0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjcyMDI1....
Most popular pop star 2011-09-14
Most popular pop star
Which dude do You Like? 2011-09-19
list of MALE stars... which do you like?
Which drug strained celebrity will be the next to grace the media with their death!!!
Who should be the new cast member of Knocked Up? 2011-11-03
I know I want a new girl in the next season of Knocked Up but I can't choose between some girls. ...
Ladies Terrel Owens or Mark Zuckerberg? 2011-12-30
Which one of these dudes would your rather have?
Emma Watson eating out tonight 2012-01-06
By candlelight...
evanna, emma & bonnie 2012-01-06
a short one on evanna lynch, bonnie wright and emma watson...
Which comedians would you rather see perform? 2012-02-06
which comedian would you like to see perform the most?
CAMRYN MANHEIM vs THE AVERAGE MAN: Not as strong? As strong? or STRONGER? 2012-02-08
When it comes down to SHEER BRUTE PHYSICAL STRENGTH, how strong do you think CAMRYN MANHEIM is co...
over 60 Celebrity Females 2012-02-24
over 60 Celebrity Females
What should we trend for Hongki's birthday? (exclusive for the Primadonnas only) 2012-02-28
if what hashtag gets the most number of votes, that would be the final hashtag. ^_^
<img src="http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/1996_If_These_Walls_Could_Talk/996ITW_Anne_Heche...
Do you want to be famous? 2012-04-23
Do you want to be famous?
Do you LOVE or loathe Beyonce? 2012-04-27
Do you LOVE or loathe Beyonce?
Who's The Better Role-model? 2012-07-09
Who do you think is the better role-model. Miley Or Selena
Who is your favorite superhero? 2012-07-13
Who is your favorite superhero?
ATTENTION: Calling all Taylor Swift Fans!! 2012-08-20
I made a poll about country's favorite hottie! :)
Does Amanda Bynes have a drinking problem? 2012-10-22
I'd like to post a short poll, asking if you think that Hollywood star Amanda Bynes has an alcoho...
Rate Miley's haircut out of ten 2012-10-22
Rate Miley's haircut out of ten
Shake It up! 2012-10-22
Here is the fun Shake It Up (a disney channel hit series) poll for kids16 and under!
Harry Potter Girls Catfight 2012-10-22
Quarter finals...
Harry Potter Girls Catfight Semi-Finals 2012-12-18
More HP girl fights... Check the message board from time to time. We keep you posted (as during t...
Anne Heche vs Christina Hendricks 2013-01-03
<img src="http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsH/7751-24508.gif"> <img src...