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over 60 Celebrity Females 2012-02-24
over 60 Celebrity Females
Do you want to be famous? 2012-04-23
Do you want to be famous?
Do you LOVE or loathe Beyonce? 2012-04-27
Do you LOVE or loathe Beyonce?
Who's The Better Role-model? 2012-07-09
Who do you think is the better role-model. Miley Or Selena
Who is your favorite superhero? 2012-07-13
Who is your favorite superhero?
ATTENTION: Calling all Taylor Swift Fans!! 2012-08-20
I made a poll about country's favorite hottie! :)
Who's the more famous Philadelphian? Kobe Bryant or Will Smith? 2012-08-28
Kobe Bryant Net Worth $200 Million Will Smith Net Worth $215 Million Offical Facebook Page Lik...
Does Amanda Bynes have a drinking problem? 2012-10-22
I'd like to post a short poll, asking if you think that Hollywood star Amanda Bynes has an alcoho...
Rate Miley's haircut out of ten 2012-10-22
Rate Miley's haircut out of ten
Shake It up! 2012-10-22
Here is the fun Shake It Up (a disney channel hit series) poll for kids16 and under!
Harry Potter Girls Catfight 2012-10-22
Quarter finals...
Harry Potter Girls Catfight Semi-Finals 2012-12-18
More HP girl fights... Check the message board from time to time. We keep you posted (as during t...
Anne Heche vs Christina Hendricks 2013-01-03
<img src="http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsH/7751-24508.gif"> <img src...
Who is cooler 1 2013-01-03
The first poll about who is more attractive, cooler, or you just like more. If you don't know who...
Harry Potter Girls Catfight Finals 2013-03-02
More HP girl fights... Check the message board from time to time.
arm wrestling 2013-03-05
celebrity arm wrestling
Britney Spears - The Poll 2013-03-12
Vote for your favorite Britney!
World Music Awards 2013 2013-05-02
Pick your vote for The World Music Awards 2013
Random catfights 2013-08-01
As random and goofy as it gets
If you were Eden Wood's personal butler or worked and cheered for her 2014-04-07
If you ever got a chance to work with a famous child star like Eden Wood being hired as a butler,...
Who is the best looking NikiNSammy twin? 2014-05-08
Who out of twin YouTubers Niki'N'Sammy is the hottest? Niki? Sammy? You decide! Pic of them: ...
One direction 2014-06-09
One direction
What's your favorite Channing Tatum movie? 2014-06-30
What is your favorite Channing Tatum movie to date
How should Leonardo DiCaprio die... literally??? 2014-08-13 (closed)
I hate DiCaprio. Perhaps the worst actor since Jim Varney's coffin. I can't stand his acting or a...
The stronger of both is... Eighth-finals 2014-08-13
Girls in a bitter fight. Five draws and six wins after 50 votes in the series, exactly the 16 sur...