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Emma Watson Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-09-07
Emma Watson has destroyed plenty of women, but can she defeat a male in a wrestling match or figh...
Celebrity Match: Karlie Kloss vs Daniel Radcliffe - who'd win the fight? 2016-02-04
Imagine fashion model Karlie Kloss (6'2) would compete with actor Daniel Radcliffe (5'5) in a wre...
Judo 2009 2008-12-15
Judo 2009
indian summer catfights 2007-10-02
some celebs catfight on a sunny day
Fighting Celebs V.3 Final 2011-06-04
Which Celeb wins the fight?
Emma Watson and Maisie Williams 2017-06-02
Cute girls compared
Emma Watson and Dakota Fanning 2010-02-16
Nice girls compared
Game of Thrones Girls meet Hermione in a catfight... 2015-08-11
The girls in a fight with Hermione (Emma Watson)
Actors Feet Tickled 2011-01-02
Which actors feet would you like to tickle?
armwrestling 2007 2007-05-10
female armwrestling
Strongest actress ever 2002-08-08
Who´s the physically strongest actress ever?
Scarlett Johansson Mixed Wrestling 2015-11-17
Scarlett Johansson destroys her opponents on screen but can she beat a male in a mixed match? Sca...
MUD WRESTLING IN ITALY 2010 2009-08-11
italian catfight 2006-08-10
most powerful legs 2005-12-17
power female
celebrity muscles challenged 2012-06-04
anne hathaway, britney spears, renée o'connor, emma watson, leighton meester, bonnie wright and ...
Female celebrity wrestling 2003-12-28
Who would win between these 8 celebs?
british celebrities show muscles 2008-08-12
at least those who have them...
Summer hot wrestling 2007-07-22
Mixed Wrestling / Fighting with Singers ft. Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande & Others 2015-12-07
Includes Victoria Justice, JLo, Spears, Swift, Minaj, Cyrus, Minogue, Avril, Simpson and many mor...
back in time with the stars 2017-01-20
imagine the girls back in time, all at age 15. who were the strong ones in those days?
tennis girls in catfights 2003-05-10
In this poll are also girls, who not everybody knows.
Raquel Welch III 2010-07-17
Raquel Welch vs other divas
Who is the strongest celeb? 2007-11-17
If they are fighting: Who is the strongest in a fight without rules?
Fantasy Catfights starring Taylor Swift 2011-08-06
All fantasy fight match ups starring the lovely Taylor Swift. How does Taylor do against the lik...