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How often do you poop or pee your pants 2013-08-26
How often do you poop or pee your pants
Best Laptop Brand? 2005-02-08
In your opinion, what is the best manufacturer for Laptops?
Which classic computer of the late 70s/early 80s is the best? 2011-06-26
There've been many flame-wars between users of ATARI, Commodore, Apple and Sinclair users in the ...
MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support 2009-07-10
A new version of the Oracle Support site is set be mandatory as of 7/31/2009. Many users of Class...
BEst FPS Ever 2005-11-09
Would you give money to Sun to keep it independent and developing products? 2009-03-28
Would you be willing to give Sun Microsystems money just to keep it developing its current hardwa...
Your favourite Web Browser 2009-12-12
Your favourite Web Browser
Random Poll 2005-01-20
Best Final Fantasy 2005-08-23
Which FF was the greatest?
Apple Mac vs Microsoft Windows 2007-03-29
A poll just to know your opinions on which is the better OS.
What is the best compression format? 2004-10-12
What do you think is the best compression format for general files?
What is the best Computer Brand? 2000-12-29
I'm looking to buy a new computer and want to start with the brand, so I'm looking for your help....
JDK version usage 2008-07-17
<p>I'm interested in learning how many people are still using older JDKs, particularly thos...
Windows Vista & Windows 7 2009-04-28
I am doing a poll on Windows Vista to see how many people like or dislike this operating system, ...
Computer Makes 2004-09-17
This is to see what the most faviote PC make is.
Club Penguin 2007-07-03
This poll is for Club penguin members. it`s to see what members are like on Club Penguin, oh by t...
Electronics Store Business Names 2006-07-28
A poll of how you feel about Retail Electronic Store Names.
Pentium 4 vs. Core 2 Duo 2006-10-13
Thinking about upgrading. So I'm wondering what you would get yourself:
Hard drive reliability poll 2009-12-12
Hard drive reliability poll
Lack of Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Epic 4G 2011-02-05
Lack of Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Epic 4G
Which is: better, faster, less battery consume, more stable ? Voodoo vs SpeedMod 2011-01-25 (closed)
Just chose 1 of theme You think is better.
BEST LINUX DISTRO??? 2001-10-23
Say you opinion....
How computers affect your life 2005-12-06
I am doing a survay on how computers are effecting the lives of people in the United States
Private messaging on SO. 2013-03-22
Private messaging on SO.
Caps Attack! 2009-10-31
How much do you hate caps lock?