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Controversy / Morality


Have you ever spanked your children? 2012-05-29
Please describe how your kids are with spanking and please tell me your thoughts as well. I`m doi...
Does all killing count as murder? 2012-05-21
This is a highly controversial, yet interesting poll. I want to ask you guys if you think that a...
best friends reunion on 22 2012-05-21 (closed)
ciao cari, siamo a scegliere il luogo in cui trovarci martedì, cosa è più semplice in un immed...
Is Killing Snails And Other Creatures Immoral? 2012-05-20
I enjoy watching women crush snails underfoot, and I see no moral wrong in killing a non-sentient...
Violence in Entertainment 2012-05-18
Do you think that violence in video games, tv shows, movies, and songs increases the amount of vi...
Ladies only! Sister vs brother 2012-05-10
What would yo do to your brother if you get really pissed off with him?
Suicide: Pro-life or pro-choice? 2012-05-10
I am creating this poll to see what proportion of voters think suicide is morally acceptable.
How moral are you? -<[Scenarios]>--- 2012-05-07
moral - Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of ...
Video Game Obscenity 2012-05-07
Video Game Obscenity
Losing shoes in the workplace(Females only please) 2012-05-04
This poll is all about when you have your shoes off in work. Or you see a colleague with her shoe...
Survey about Feminism 2012-05-02
Survey about Feminism
Is the United States math system going to change to Metrics or not? 2012-04-24
Do you think the U.S. will keep using the Standard Math System or switch to The Metric System?
8 year old girl beats 10 year old boy with Krav Maga! 2012-04-23
I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying was about I saw my 10 year ol...
Survey on abortion 2012-04-23 (closed)
Hey, I'm making this poll because I have an assessment for a Citizenship/R.E project due in. I re...
Morals and Ethics of Crushing Snails 2012-04-23
I like seeing women step on snails, and I wanted to get a sense of what people thought about this...
Gagged In Protest 2012-04-20
Gagged In Protest
If a Christian has a tattoo, do you think they are a hypocrite? 2012-04-19
Yes or No
Do music and society influence each other? 2012-04-04
In this poll please state whether you think society influences music, or music influences society...
My dad spanked me for being gay. 2012-04-02
I was at my house, with my boyfriend, and we were just kissing and cuddling, and my dad came home...
spanking girls 2012-04-02
more spanks
Should Jon do it with Petey The Penguin? 2012-03-19
Well should he.
Should Jon have birthday sex with Petey The Penguin? 2012-03-19
Well should he?
Should children be perscribed antipsychotic drugs? 2012-03-15
Many antipsychotics drugs that are being given to children have not yet been tested on young peop...
What type of people are humans naturally? 2012-03-15
Decide based on your interactions with others and the conclusions you've made based on these inte...
Finding out about your past life - if you had one. 2012-03-15
You don't have to believe in reincarnation to participate in this poll - this is just pure specul...