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Controversy / Morality


What age to stop spanking 2013-12-26
I was spanked until I was 11 years old. My older brother until he was 14. In my wife's family, he...
Feedback On Fern Relkin 2013-12-26
Fern Relkin Veteran Actress Of Blowjob & Feet Films Back in the 1990's Cocksucker Fern Re...
Sluts / morality 2013-12-17
A poll about sluts and moral behavior
Public Decency Laws 2013-12-06
Recently a 15 year old high school student committed suicide after being arrested and charged wit...
Hitting anyone #1 (Females only) 2013-11-25
This poll focus on situations where females hit males and viceversa, in different contexts, like ...
Hitting anyone #1 (Males only) 2013-11-25
This poll focus on situations where females hit males and viceversa, in different contexts, like ...
Tutor really had to pee 2013-11-12
Has your tutor ever had to pee really bad
Controversy suggestions 2013-10-29
I have some controversy suggestions for you and i want to know, what you think about them?
The Problems With Feminism 2013-10-14
What the liberal media are doing to brainwash our young women.
Censorship Insanity! 2013-10-08
This is a follow up to my poll 'Should my polls be public material.' In my first 'Equality in Ex...
War In Iraq 2013-09-23
Did the US do the right thing by going in?
Morality In USA 2013-09-23
Morality In USA
How would you punish a rapist? (Women only) 2013-09-23
I know Men would probably simply kill him so I want to know how a woman would handle it.
Do children in wheelchair need shoes? 2013-09-16
Do disabled children in wheelchairs realy need shoes and/or socks or can they live barefoot?
Legal ages 2013-09-09
Various countries have various age limits for certain activities. Some are sexual - but not all....
Girls, Why do you show boobs? 2013-09-03
Girls, Why do you show boobs?
Do you believe that most people do not have the empathy that they should? 2013-08-16
Do you believe that the majority of the population is deficient in empathy? Do you believe that w...
daughters spanking parents 2013-08-01
this is a poll about daughters spank or would like to spank their parents not because of discipli...
Lying 2013-08-01
I am at a cross roads... what is worse... my boyfriend (of one year) is asking me to drop my best...
Do you believe in arranged marriage? 2013-07-22
Arranged marriage is not forced marriage, but rather the concept of families working together as ...
Do you believe in human genetic engineering? 2013-07-22
Research it here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_genetic_engineering ...and state yo...
Bath Towel Reuse 2013-07-15
Help my coworkers and I resolve a long time argument. Do you reuse bath towels (hang them up t...
Should all executions be public? 2013-07-08
Should all executions be public?
Should you be able to buy birth control pills without a prescription? 2013-07-02
I've been seeing some debate about this.
Was i wrong to trick my Mom into Headscissors? 2013-07-02
I feel guilty for tricking her into it, but it felt awesome! And she had a laugh about it.