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Are Japanese cars or Korean cars better for first-time car users? 2021-10-19
Should I buy a Japanese car or a Korean car for the first time? 1. Japanese car 2. Korean car...
How Can You Make Your Own Hydrogen Water? 2021-09-11
To produce hydrogen water one needs a hydrogen water machine or water ionizer. Hydrogen gets pump...
Breathalyzer in Car 2021-08-04
<a href=“https://notyourchild.com/vehicle-breathalyzer-ignition-interlock”>Breathalyzer...
Crime Stoppers Reporting 2021-08-04
Do people report crime to crime stoppers or mind their own business? Does it depend on who the v...
Should There Be A Compulsory Treatment For People With Opioid Addiction? 2021-08-04
Should the government in the U.S make it compulsory for those dealing with opioid addiction to ge...
Is the young man in this article referred to by the correct name? 2018-10-11
Yes Doorstep Loans 2018-01-11 (closed)
Doorstep loans are designed to offer lenders a convenient way of borrowing that isn't too overwhe...
radio show name 2017-11-16
We need help naming our new show!
What is the day today 2017-06-13
Please select the current day
Who is the real Nazi? Sean Spicer or Oscar Munoz? 2017-04-17
Both of these 2 men made statements to the American people that they later apologized for as soon...
Trump poll 2017-02-01
Intelligent gov't questions
Climate Change 2017-01-27
Climate Change
Here's a Quick Question No. 1 2017-01-17
The "Here's a Quick Question" poll series is a series of polls where I will ask either ...
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? 2016-12-06
About the Christmas debate
The Environment (how much do you care?) 2016-11-29
Questions about how much your care about the environment
2016 Presidential Election 2016-10-25
Trying to get a good idea of who we may see as our next Commander in Chief.
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for? 2016-06-09
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for?
A Look at Southern American Culture 2016-06-08
This poll is designed to provide a look at the culture of the South in the U.S. Only residents wh...
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed? 2016-04-23
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed?
A study on ways to boost Hong Kong's Economic Competitiveness 2016-02-26
This is a survey conducted by a group F.3 students studying in St. Joseph’s College on a projec...
Canadian Military Procurment 2015-11-29
With Canada's newly elected Government it is now more likely than ever we will not be buying the...
which three newspapers would be best to use? 2015-09-07
We have three newspapers The Weekend Witness, Sunday Times or the Tribune. We would like from our...
Girls vs boys 2015-06-21 (closed)
Girls vs boys
Great Filter theory 2015-05-11 (closed)
Great Filter theory is a possible explanation for Fermi paradox. It's saying that civilization w...
Do you support the Humanities and Media Literacy for 21st century education? 2015-05-04
I believe that Media Literacy is as important as learning how to read in the information age, but...