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Current Events


Media survey 2007-08-20
Poll on media preferences
what is your favorite thing about halloween????? 2009-11-04
what is your favorite thing about halloween?????
Healthcare 2009-11-10 (closed)
How do you feel about the Crazy Frog? 2005-06-01
The crazy frog has beaten Oasis and Coldplay to the top of the charts, how do you feel about the ...
Randomness 20 2006-03-17
Totally Random Things.
New York or Texas? 2006-04-29
Most people think that N.Y. is 'da bomb' but Texas is doin' it BIG too. Which state do you think ...
Virginia Tech Shootings 2007-05-04
I have often wondered about the causes of such massacres. Is it due to public complacency or a pr...
GOT CREDIT? 2009-12-04 (closed)
This survey is part of a research project for CAPSTONE II at LeMoyne-Owen College to determine h...
Frosty The Snowman 2009-12-21
Frosty The Snowman
Railroads 2010-06-04 (closed)
Top U.S. Law Schools 2010-07-01
Please rate your thoughts as to the quality of the top law schools in the United States.
2016 Presidential Election 2016-10-25
Trying to get a good idea of who we may see as our next Commander in Chief.
AIDS/HIV 2006-03-17
Sophomore Project is a beezy. Help me to help you.
What is your news source? 2006-07-05
Where do Americans get their news?
Natural Disasters 2006-09-22
This poll is being conducted to find the publics view on our countries prepardness for natural di...
Purse Snatching; statistics on the rise! 2007-02-11
Statistics show that purse snatcing crimes are on the rise after a report of over 220,000 attempt...
What do you want in 2008? 2007-02-22
Answer the following questions about you and your views and see how your answers compare to others.
What am I going to do with my life??? 2009-05-11 (closed)
In the ultimate act of self-centered, obsessive-compulsive angst-about-my-future, I present an ex...
society and tommorws future 2009-07-06
society and tommorws future
Going Green 2009-09-23
Going Green
are you crazy 2010-05-29
please say i wanna know if most people are crazy
Owning Cars v Public Transportation 2013-02-21 (closed)
The mayor of the largest city in our area seems to believe that to convince more people to move t...
Worst Person of the Year 2013 2013-12-06 (closed)
While TIME Magazine's editors deliberate on who their Person of the Year should be (and the publi...
The Environment (how much do you care?) 2016-11-29
Questions about how much your care about the environment
From Disabled to Dead 2005-06-21
As an American, I found the Terri Schiavo case very heartbreaking.This poll was created to see w...