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Current Events


War in Iraq 2005-08-18
Political views
Best Thing about Global Warming 2005-08-28
Positive aspects of Global Warming
Mideast geography quickie 2005-10-24
Don't cheat-- I just want to see where people's mental maps are at
Obesity 2006-05-06
Obesity is a major world problem that needs to be stopped
Predict the Future 2007-03-06
Where Do You Want Your Hunny Moon To Be? 2007-04-25
This poll is about honey moons and places whre you would like to have yours.
which is the best season. 2008-12-11 (closed)
which is the best season.
Outsourcing 2010-11-07
A quick one question poll on outsourcing. You need to have a job for this.
The War in Afghanistan 2011-11-16
These questions are to be answered in your own opinion and no one else's. Thank You for your time.
The Ultimate Universal Studio's Orlando Theme Park Survey 2012-09-25
Cheers to everything Universal Orlando!
Childhood Obesity 2012-10-26
Childhood Obesity
Israeli conflict 2006-02-24
I have found that many people are against Israel. Also, many people seem to think Israel does not...
Farms vs. sub-divisions 2007-05-01
I am just wondering what people think about farms and new homes.
Could you and would you take on a loan? 2009-02-04 (closed)
As the global crisis deepens, there appears to be consensus amongst our leaders that the way out ...
Which is the best Renewable Energy? 2010-07-04 (closed)
After the BP oil spill its obvious that we have to truly embrace renewable energy. But which is t...
Printed media vs Social media 2011-10-11 (closed)
The role of printed and social media on conveying messages to audiences.
Air Pollution 2006-03-09
This is a poll to see how what you know about air pollution, and how important it is to you.
Macy's or not? Are you in favor of the Macy's takeovers? 2006-03-09
In late December, Federated Department Stores (at the time, owners of the Macy's and Bloomingdale...
Who Are "We The People" ? 2006-06-08
Most polls say Americans are for immigration but against illegal "immigration". Who are...
Go Healthy Poll 2006-08-19
This is a poll about the average persons lifestyle. Take my quiz, coming soon!
How much do you trust bar code prices? 2007-08-30
Are bar code prices correct? Check out these and other questions by signing up for The Buck Save...
Your Goals for 2009 2009-02-04
Let's see what the most common goals for 2009 we share are.
Which of these is your "top story" of the week? 2009-11-22
Which of these is your "top story" of the week?
Light Energy 2010-01-06
This is about light being used as a resource, as well as wind, sea, and last but not least person...
What do you trust? 2005-07-19
Greetings! Though only a few months, I feel as though I am wiser. I shall not spoil this for you,...