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Split Pants 2013-03-11
girls only
Do you Recycle? 2009-04-22 (closed)
Do you Recycle?
what do u think? 2009-09-07
a long time ago the Mayans predicted that the world will end in the year 2012. i think it's bullc...
What do you think? 2011-11-16
What do you think?
Women's Equality in the Workplace 2012-11-28
Women's Equality in the Workplace
Schapelle Corby is she Innocent 2005-03-31
27 year old beuty student Schapelle Corby was arrested in Bali after aledgely importing 4.1Kgs of...
The Poll 2008-10-03
The Poll
Your opinion on bias in the Media 2010-02-16
Your opinion on bias in the Media
I know you hate dawn 2010-07-08
I know you hate dawn
This survey aims to gathers some of your thoughts, opinions and perceptions about animal cruelty ...
Would You Fly? 2008-04-23
After the FAA discovering SouthWest, Delta, and other airlines grounded due to potential problems...
Gas Prices 2008-06-07 (closed)
What do yo think about 'em?
Society 2010-08-21
This is a test of our Screwed society.
Do you support marriage equality in the UK 2014-05-19
Gay marriage equality is currently legal in England and Wales and in Scotland. It remains illegal...
New World Trade Center 2009-04-03
A poll about the perceived safety of Freedom Tower.
Multilingual Christmas 2009-12-23
Multilingual Christmas
Immigration 2011-10-10
Toilet in a lockable cubicle within a private bathroom 2013-02-25
The news coverage of Reeva Steenkamp being shot in her boyfriend's bathroom is the ffirst time I ...
Farm Animal Abuse 2008-11-15 (closed)
Well my poll is based on California's prop. 2 and i am creating this poll to just see the opinion...
What would you do if.... 2008-12-12
Here's the scenario- another terrorist attack launches us into WW3, the economy has crashed, and ...
The best poll ever (please vote) 2008-12-14
Please answer these simple questions about, well, everything.
legalizing weed? 2009-04-18 (closed)
should the US government legalize marijuana?
Opinion about the News Media 2009-09-02
To find out peoples opinions about the news media in general.
should i get my revenge? 2015-04-18
Well last Saturday my neighbor Marlonn who is a really good friend of mine and my brother's came ...
Where were you on 9/11? 2006-09-19
We will never forget that aweful day and how it changed all of us. I'm just curious: where were y...