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Girls, please vote to help me make my 19th birthday the best 2014-07-29
A silly boy lost a bet to me, so for my 19th birthday he's going to become a human Barbie for me ...
What Kind of shorts? 2014-07-24
What kind of shorts do you prefer?
Girls favorite type of clothes 2014-07-07
GIRLS ONLY. What is the favorite type of clothes you like to wear in what combination?
High heel bet 2014-07-07
I'm doing a bet with a friend and I need to buy some heels to wear
Guys V.S. Girls Who Shows Their Feet More? 2014-06-23
I've noticed that for Girls it is becoming more and more acceptable for them to show their feet b...
Girls: Different Clothes For Different Things 2014-06-23
For this poll you must say what combo you will choose, or write in another one.
boys who like to be in underwear 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys who like to be in their underwear (or for dads who have sons who like it)
boys who take off shoes in public 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys (or for dads who have sons) who like to take off shoes in public and mayb...
I wore my overalls with one strap in the 90s 2014-06-09
This poll is for male and females who were a teenager or 20s back in the early 1990s and wore ove...
Views about men in Kilts. 2014-05-19
Curious to know what you think about men wearing a kilt.
guys how to you get dressed in the morning. 2014-05-19
this is to figure out how people get dress in the morning
Underwear at sleepover (guys only) 2014-05-19
What underwear should i wear at a sleepover?
Dressing like a trans gurl 2014-05-19
I want to know what I should wear for different occasions. I am MTF trans with16b boobs and a pha...
Showing underwear/sagging 2014-05-19
A poll for boys about what they would do if a girl(s) asked them to pull their trousers up/stop s...
Tanning 2014-05-19
this is a poll for people who tan
A Poll on Flip-flops 2014-05-16
Wearing Flip-flops around in public is not something I really find the appeal of. In fact, unless...
Beautiful and sexy people who show off their physiques. 2014-04-28
This is a poll to determine what people think of sexy people who show off their physiques. Do you...
Discomfort for Fashion 2014-04-28
This poll is aimed at women to see what level of discomfort and impracticality they will endure w...
speedos (guys in America only please) 2014-04-21
this is about guys wearing speedos in America
Underwear Poll 2014-04-21
Just a few questions to find out about people's underwear!
Men wearing women's shoes and other clothing items 2014-04-21 (closed)
Women wear men's clothing items all the time but few men wear women's clothing items. How many me...
Wearing skirts follow up 2014-04-18
This is a follow up to my previous poll: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/575558 which had some in...
Dressing a man in female clothes? (women only) 2014-04-14
This poll is only for females: would you want to dress a man you know in typically female clothes...
Trägt Ihr Sohn Kleidung von seiner Schwester? 2014-04-07
Trägt Ihr Sohn Kleidung von seiner Schwester?
Looking at you shirtless (men only) 2014-03-31
You are doing some work outside at your own yard when somebody stops by. This will see how you wo...