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Girls and ladies shoeplay (Females only please) 2010-08-04
Girls and ladies shoeplay (Females only please)
Should my girlfriend be barefoot? 2010-08-04
Next weekend we are invited for lunch at a friend's house in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Th...
do girls like to sag their sweatpants? 2010-07-31
for all girls who sag their sweats
Girls - your bathing suit 2010-07-29
Girls - your bathing suit
Dance Team Uniform {Girls Only} 2010-07-29
II was on a flag team last year and we did some dancing but mostly with the flags. This year we a...
Do you go commando? 2010-07-28
Thinking about trying some of these but wondering if it's normal.
Going Commado (Girls only) 2010-07-26
Research has shown that going panty free is far healthier for women and many "modern" c...
what underwear are you wearing 2010-07-26
what underwear are you wearing
Should I wear this? 2010-07-26
Should I wear this?
Your Socks! 2010-07-26
Bored! lol...... Describe your socks?!!
What Is Your Favorite Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics Product? 2010-07-26
What Is Your Favorite Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics Product?
Slit skirts Females omly please 2010-07-26
I have seen many women wearing slit skirts. They can be long or short skirts and slits of differ...
Straight guys who are into your looks! ages 15-25!!! 2010-07-20
This poll is NOT for gay guys, its for STRAIGHT guys who are into style, into their looks, and li...
La Perla 2010-07-15 (closed)
This poll has been set up to support my Ma study in fashion and life journalism, looking at the q...
Yet another underwear poll for ladies. 2010-07-12
I am trying to amass enough results to prove which is the most popular underwear worn by ladies. ...
Guys: What underwear should I be wearing? 2010-07-10
I just turned 18 and want to pick the underwear that I will wear for life. I need some help. I ha...
New Hair Cut 2010-07-08 (closed)
I am growing my hair out as an experiment. I made a deal not to cut it until October and I Need t...
Boom or bust 2010-07-08 (closed)
This poll/survey will be used for my final major ma project which is to launch and published an...
Women's Opinion on Men's Dress 2010-07-08 (closed)
Poll to gather ladies interest on men's fashion vs current trends.
Pink shirts 2010-07-08
Is pink clothing a girls color???
Pink 2010-07-08
Is Pink a Girls color or is it for everyone?
underwear for boys only 2010-07-08 (closed)
what ever comes to i will wear for 1 week
The Great Shoe Poll 2010-07-08
This is just a quick poll to see connections between what shoes people wear and how they wear the...
Hosiery Survey 2010-07-05 (closed)
A survey of hosiery choices and brands
Male Underwear Poll 2010-05-29
Male Underwear Poll