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Sleepwear at Different Temperatures 2016-01-25
Sleepwear at Different Temperatures
Decide what you wear! 2016-01-25
In this poll you can decide what clothes you would to wear when no one's laughing at you for it, ...
Sons behavior involving clothing 2016-01-18
This is a poll for fathers with sons regarding their behavior as it relates to clothes which migh...
Losing shoes (guys only please) 2016-01-11
Have you, or a friend, ever lost one or both shoes? We're they stolen, or fell off somewhere they...
What Do You and Your Family Wear 2016-01-11
The Clothing Habits of You and Your Family Members.
Underwear (Men Only) 2016-01-11
Poll about underwear mens underwear.
Is it Cool? (poll for guys) 2015-12-31
Is it Cool? (poll for guys)
Not Wearing Socks at Home (only males who are living with parents) 2015-12-15
Not Wearing Socks at Home (only males who are living with parents)
Crossdress a guy for fun! 2015-12-14
Welcome to my new poll! For this poll, Im looking for girls opinions on how to dress more girly f...
Do people have the obligation to have a tattoo? 2015-12-09
This is to see what people think about this.
Underwear in high school (boys) 2015-12-08
Poll for boys in middle and high school and their underwear choices
My boyfriends uniform 2015-12-07
My boyfriend agreed to wear whatever I tell him for little bit, this poll will help me make up my...
Do females have the obligation to wear makeup? 2015-12-03
This is designed to see what the society thinks about it and to see how immature we as humans are.
Girls Kept in Tight Neckties 2015-12-03
People seem to like girls in ties...
Boy Dressed Up For Christmas 2015-12-03 (closed)
Should I dress up for my parents?
Pants/Shorts Sagging- An obligation for males or not? 2015-12-03
The purpose of this poll is to find out how many people think all guys should sag their pants/sho...
Favorite Brand 2015-12-03 (closed)
Favorite Brand
What is the most wanted gift for the holidays for teenage girls? 2015-12-03
technology or clothing or accessories??
Underwear Poll 2015-12-03
Underwear Poll
Would you dress a boy as a girl? 2015-12-02
Would you dress a boy as a girl?
Women's opinion on men's underwear 2015-12-02
A poll for women, to see what they find is the most attractive style of men's underwear.
Do females have to wear short shorts? 2015-11-30
This is to see what the world thinks about whether females have to wear short shorts and to see i...
Excess skin showing in the beach; pool- Is it an obligation for boys and girls? 2015-11-30
People tend to feel they must do certain things to fit in, to be called manly or womanly enough. ...
Head shave debate 2015-11-30
I shaved my head for charity last year, I got a number 3 guard all over. I think that was shaved ...
Pedicure for Guys 2015-11-29
This morning I decided on a whim to get a pedicure. My girlfriend came over this afternoon and sa...