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Shoe Poll (Guys only!) <3 2010-09-12
This is a quick poll to see how important shoes are to guys, and to see if those that do care mor...
Men's Underwear Poll 2011-04-29
Please be truthful! Thank you! Leave a message regarding or explaining your favorite pair of und...
MUST FOLLOW FASHION BLOGS 2011-05-16 (closed)
this poll is created by tнe queeи oғ gιamour ♔, HTTP://PASSIONFORGLAMOUR.TUMBLR COM, to giv...
Are you a man who likes to wear man thongs? 2011-01-21
I have recently noticed more and more men and teen boys using thongs at the gym. In addition, the...
Underwear in high school (boys) 2015-12-08
Poll for boys in middle and high school and their underwear choices
Head shave debate 2015-11-30
I shaved my head for charity last year, I got a number 3 guard all over. I think that was shaved ...
Boys that go barefoot and shirtless 2011-12-20
So I am a 13 year old boy living in NC. I want your opinion on if I should be more modest or not....
Male underwear waistband showing 2012-01-04
Random poll just as the title describes
Definitive Teen Dude Underwear Poll 2010-08-23
Yes, there are others out there that get a little freaky. But, this is a basic poll to help a mar...
Posed Fashion Award Nominations 2014 2012-11-12
The Posed Fashion Awards was created to highlight, celebrate and recognize the talents of those w...
Shirtless 2011-04-29
Men's underwear (mostly for younger guys) 2012-01-30
Just a poll about men's underwear to see what you normally wear and other related things
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls 2012-01-02
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls
Speedo Teen Poll for Guys 2010-08-20
I'm a teen swimmer on a team, and into speedos :)
Is that a skirt or a belt, young lady? 2011-04-05
The title is straight from my Dad - he made me change to a different skirt. How long is an apr...
Teen Boy Underwear 2011-04-23
Teen Boy Underwear
Wedgie poll (Boys) 2015-01-02
This is for boys ONLY!
Male Underwear Poll 2010-05-29
Male Underwear Poll
Dudes Underwear 2011-04-23
your taste in underwear
Boys in girls' gymnastic leotards 2013-01-07
How do people think about Boys wearing girls' leotards
What do teenage girls wear in bed? 2012-03-15
All you teenage girls out there, take a moment from teasing the boys by not telling them what you...
leotard & swimsuits (Boys or girls) 2011-02-14
leotard & swimsuits (Boys or girls)
Swimwear (males only) 2011-04-16
Swimwear (males only)
Going Commado (Girls only) 2010-07-26
Research has shown that going panty free is far healthier for women and many "modern" c...
Teen Underwear Preferences 2012-03-26
Teen Underwear Preferences