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Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 5 2015-12-02
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 5
Training Diet 2015-11-22
I eat too much junk, too much sugar, too much fat and too many processed foods. Because of this I...
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 4 2015-11-19
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 4
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 3 2015-11-17
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 3
Fast Food Cheeseburgers Made In China Sold In U.S.A. 2015-11-17
Would you buy a cheeseburger that advertised "Made in China" in America at a fast food ...
What do you like to eat? 2015-09-14
What do you like from either of these two places
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2 OVERTIME 2015-09-08
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2 OVERTIME
Growling Stomach 2015-08-31
Growling Stomach
Vegetarianism and veganism-should it be allowed? 2015-08-31
Vegetarians are those who don't eat any kind of meat, including fish, shrimp, octopus, or any sea...
Sweet Potato Fries or Regular Fries 2015-08-13
What is your favorite type of fries to have with a good burger? Sweet or not?
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2 2015-08-11
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 2
Favorite Chain Restaurants? 2015-08-11
Hey! Somebody gave me the idea to do favorite restaurants in my first UltraPoll! So here we are, ...
The Ultrapoll #2 Topic: More Food Choices! 2015-08-11
Hello! Welcome to the second ever Ultrapoll! I got these topics: "Should there be difference...
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 1 Overtime 2015-07-10
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 1 Overtime
Best Soda/Pop Ever 2015-06-03
What is the best soft drink in the world?
The UltraPoll #1 Topic: Favorite Foods 2015-04-18
The beginning of a series of polls! It would be great if you guys would give me suggestions for p...
What bakery name do you prefer? 2015-03-30
I am starting an online bakery and I need help choosing a name. We will be an online bakery offer...
Frozen Homemade baby food 2015-03-23
Interest in buying frozen homemade organic babyfood
Do you like pizza 2015-03-23
Do you like pizza
Farting when you pee (Girls) 2015-01-02
Yeah random, I know. There will be a poll for guys too in the future.
Would you buy a nut-free granola bar? 2015-01-02
Just want to see who would buy one.
Welcome To Naked City Pizza Shop 2014-11-24
What would you order? You can only choose one from each section.
Burger King 2014-11-04
A poll about Burger King restaurants and experiences. All products listed may not be currently o...
Gunge/sploshing 2014-09-23
Poll for girls only - imagine you lost a bet and the forfeit was to be gunged, please answer the ...
Team Coke vs Team Pepsi 2014-07-24
Comparing the two biggest soda companies. I'll pit one drink of one company against its counterpa...