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Honey 2009-03-11 (closed)
I am conducting a survey or poll for my school assignment and I need to survey at least 25 people...
Industrial Cookers 2009-03-11 (closed)
i would like to carry out a poll, which outlines the popularity of industrial cookers. please be ...
The ultimate beer poll (21 and over) 2009-03-07
The ultimate beer poll (21 and over)
Microwaves 2009-02-28
Are microwaves easy to use?
Should junk food be banned in schools? 2009-02-27
Should junk food be banned in schools?
What is the best way to eat an Oreo? 2009-02-27
What is the best way to eat an Oreo?
How do you eat your Oreo cookie? 2009-02-26 (closed)
Do you dunk it, twist it, how do you take your cookie?
How Natural and Organic are You? 2009-02-20
Do you recognize the importance of going natural and organic? Have you already started to make ...
Food Waste 2009-02-20 (closed)
Food Waste
Health Products 2009-02-17 (closed)
Health Products
Your Favorite Fast Foods Store? 2009-02-15 (closed)
Your Favorite Fast Foods Store?
veggie burgers & veggie hot dogs 2009-02-15 (closed)
what one do u like
Eat weird stuff 2009-02-13
O.k. here's the scenario your fridge just conked out and ruined everything in it and your cupboar...
Personal Cook 2009-02-13
Personal Cook
Coffee 2009-02-13
Which side of a HOVIS biscuit does the cheese go on? 2009-02-10 (closed)
Does the cheese go on the HOVIS side? or Does the cheese go on the flat side?
Health Issues 2009-02-04
Health Issues
Favorite Food 2009-02-04 (closed)
You pick your favorite food.
Which water tastes better? 2009-02-04
see which brand people prefer.
Labelling Questionnaire 2009-02-04
Hello everyone. I am analysing the effectiveness of current labelling strategy employed by variou...
What should Paul cook? 2009-02-04 (closed)
What should Paul cook?
tom's snacks 2009-02-04
a poll about tom's snack foods.
Best Cereal Toys 2009-02-04
What is the BEST toy included in cereal boxes. This MUST be "in the box" and not a send...
Pop-Tarts Vs. Toaster Strudel 2009-02-04
Pop-Tarts Vs. Toaster Strudel
Have you ever put dairy cream on your breakfast cereal? 2009-01-25 (closed)
Cream with the crop? It can be with or without milk (I prefer with). I have a friend who thinks I...