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Favorite Fast Food Place 2011-10-10 (closed)
Favorite Fast Food Place
What are you willing to pay at a burger resturant? 2011-10-10 (closed)
the purpose of this poll is to determine the price range a burger shop should sell its products. ...
mcdonalds food 2011-10-03 (closed)
what mcdonalds food do you like
The Dream Fast Food Resturant 2011-09-27
Imagine for a moment that you've been given a blank check and the task of creating the greatest f...
Food 2011-09-20 (closed)
Food, food, and more food.
Pizza Topping Preference 2011-09-14
I need this for a project for school. I need your answers
The Ice cream poll :) 2011-09-14 (closed)
Questions about ice cream, vote, please! Like: what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
ICE CREAM 2011-09-14 (closed)
MCDONALDS 2011-09-10 (closed)
When eating McDonald's, which do you start with first?
El Taco Blanco Dragon 2011-09-07 (closed)
It is about food that is good
tacos or burritos 2011-09-07 (closed)
do you prefer tacos or burritos?
Which food is the worst/Best? 2011-08-18 (closed)
Which food is the worst/Best?
which drink is best? 2011-08-06
what drink do you like best, either milk or water.
Coffee Influence 2011-08-06 (closed)
How much influence does coffee have in choosing where to eat for breakfast.
Mexican-American Fast Food 2011-07-27
Mexican-American Fast Food
Do you think Kraft mac n cheese changed its recipe for the worst? 2011-07-13 (closed)
I LOVED Kraft mac n cheese as a child...it was my favorite food. As I got older I thought my tast...
Best Energy Drink 2011-06-22
Just wondering
Poll of people who drinks coffee 2011-06-13
OK, i see lots of people out there drink coffee i just want to see really how much people drink a...
Gum Preference 2011-05-17
Teenagers, What do you look for in a pack of gum? Flavor, price, etc.
könnun varðandi Kanínukjöt 2011-05-05 (closed)
könnun varðandi Kanínukjöt
Whats your Organic Thoughts? 2011-04-29
Whats your Organic Thoughts?
your favorite alcohol 2011-04-22
what alcohol can people stomach
chocolate or vanilla ice cream? 2011-04-20 (closed)
chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
pie 2011-04-16
Boots shapers...which is tastiest? 2011-03-31
In the U.K, Boots pharmacy has a series of meal deal food which is great for watching weight...bu...