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Stomach growling (girls only) 2012-03-14
This a a poll about rumbling stomachs.
What Color of Skittles is Your Favorite 2006-05-15
I'm doing a statistics project about Skittles and this is part of it!
What is your favorite cereal? 2006-10-11
Hawkins, Parks, and I were debating this at a soccer game and it was clearly undecided what the b...
Burger King vs McDonalds 2007-02-22
this poll is the best ever McDonald vs Burger King poll ever. this poll is not a waste of time o...
The Top Ten Candy Bars 2008-03-31
According to AskMen.com the top ten candy bars are the Hershey bar, Oh Henry!, M&M's, Baby Ru...
Do you put milk in your coffee 2011-03-26
Milk is great, and coffee is even better. Why would anyone ruin them both by mixing them together...
Ice Cream Poll 2006-08-28
Yummie Ice Cream!
best soda 2007-05-08
what is the best soda ever
PDQ Chocolate Mix 2005-06-17
PDQ Chocolate Mix was my favorite drink as a kid but all of the sudden it was gone. Just wanted ...
How do you decide where to eat tonight? 2006-11-13
Are you going to the same place over and over again? Have you ever saw this restaurant on the st...
Questions about fast food 2004-07-06
What do you think of fast food? or the staffs in restaurants?
favorite foods and drinks 2006-05-17
this is about food and drinks
Favorite soft drink 2006-05-25
This poll is intended to tell me your favorite soft drink.
Chocolate Flavours 2005-10-06
This will see which type of chocolate is the most liked.
Energy Drink Survey 2005-09-06
Join thousands of energy drink enthusiasts taking our nation-wide opinion survey.
POLL!!! Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate? :) 2011-03-02
Please pick answer with your gender :)
Do you drink or eat Ketchup? 2006-05-08
This is a major discussion that has arised at my school. Input is greatly appreciated.
Best & Worst Fast Food Restaurants 2003-04-24
Vote here to share your opinion about Fast Food Restaurants, Diners, Drive-Thru, Burgers, Pizza, ...
Cake Vs. Pie 2006-11-30
"cake vs. pie" is the new ninjas vs pirates. answer it!
Coke Vs. Pepsi 2016-10-23
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Maple Syrup Vs. Honey 2016-11-05
Which do you prefer?
Gunge experiences 2009-10-11
for those of us who just love gunging!
BACON VS. SAUSAGE 2009-06-03
For a a few years now Jeremy Jonson and Jered Larson have been collecting votes from people on wh...
Brie: Eat the rind or leave it behind? 2005-05-24
The proper consumption of Brie cheese.
Team Coke vs Team Pepsi 2014-07-24
Comparing the two biggest soda companies. I'll pit one drink of one company against its counterpa...