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Stomach growling (girls only) 2012-03-14
This a a poll about rumbling stomachs.
Coke Vs. Pepsi 2016-10-23
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Maple Syrup Vs. Honey 2016-11-05
Which do you prefer?
Do you drink or eat Ketchup? 2006-05-08
This is a major discussion that has arised at my school. Input is greatly appreciated.
Stomach Growling 2013-11-18
Stomach Growling
BACON VS. SAUSAGE 2009-06-03
For a a few years now Jeremy Jonson and Jered Larson have been collecting votes from people on wh...
Cereal 2017-01-27
Eating habits at school 2017-01-27
Eating habits at school
What's your favorite type of cookie? 2016-10-01
What's your favorite type of cookie?
The Ultimate Buffalo Wild Wings Survey 2012-09-14
Cheers to everything Buffalo Wild Wings!
A Hungry, Growling Stomach 2013-01-02
A Hungry, Growling Stomach
Best Brand of Root Beer? 2016-02-10
Best Brand of Root Beer?
What Color of Skittles is Your Favorite 2006-05-15
I'm doing a statistics project about Skittles and this is part of it!
Gunge Forfeit 2010-01-14
After losing an important Xbox match against my mate, my forfeit is to dress up and gunge myself....
Gunge/sploshing 2014-09-23
Poll for girls only - imagine you lost a bet and the forfeit was to be gunged, please answer the ...
Which cheese? 2015-12-05
Which cheese?
Growling Stomach 2015-08-31
Growling Stomach
Stuffing fetish (females only) 2013-07-25
Some people feel pleasure or sexual arousement from overeating or watching other people overeatin...
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 6 FINALS 2016-02-02
Best Soda/Pop Ever Round 6 FINALS
Chinese food in America 2017-02-01
Chinese food in America
Pasta 2022-12-30
Chocolate 2016-05-07
Gunge experiences 2009-10-11
for those of us who just love gunging!
Mustard versus Ketchup 2007-07-22
Mustard versus Ketchup.
Team Coke vs Team Pepsi 2014-07-24
Comparing the two biggest soda companies. I'll pit one drink of one company against its counterpa...