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Best Games/Series of All Time (By Developer) 2013-01-29
What games are the developer's best games?
Video Games vs. Movies 2013-01-25
Famous characters pitted against tough movie characters.
Informations about yourself 2013-01-17
This poll would be a great thing for the clan. Would put light on where we are on maps and how ma...
mlp 2013-01-17
ok so i was creating an ultimate mlp fim avatar where you could choose to be rainbow dash, pinkie...
Jak and Daxter poll 2013-01-14
This poll is about one of the Sony exclusive series, Jak and Daxter.
Super Smash Bros. 4 Newcomer Pokemon and Newcomer Pokemon Characters 2013-01-07
Vote for newcomers from the Pokemon series that you would like to see as playable characters in t...
Super Smash Bros. 4 Third Party Characters 2013-01-07
Vote for a character from Capcom and vote for a character from Namco Bandai that you would like t...
super smash bros 4 charathers, stages and game mode 2013-01-07
decidid que personajes se merecen ir al super smash bros 4 solo los votantes lo sabran.
Suikoden Poll 2013-01-07
Poll about suikoden, duh!
What should Adeptus Evangelion v3 be called? 2013-01-03
We would like your feedback on what we should call Adeptus Evangelion version 3. Which suits it b...
Best Elder Scrolls Game 2013-01-02
Which of the five games in the Elder Scrolls series do you like the best?
Radio Tetova 2013-01-02
Best Video Game/Series Of All Time (By Genre) 2013-01-02
Help me decide which games dominate their genre!
2012 Video Game Awards 2013-01-02
Poller's Choice Awards 13: Vdeo Games 2012-12-18
Thi survey honors the best in video games this year. Please vote for your favorites!
games 2012-12-18
teens and violent video games 2012-12-18
should teens be able to play violent video games or not
Should teens buy or play violent video games? 2012-12-13
Should teens buy or play violent video games?
Sonic Generations vs Rayman Origins 2012-12-12
Sonic Generations vs Rayman Origins
Xbox 360 v.s. PS3 2012-12-10
Choose your side Xbox 360 or PS3
Some new Zelda theories (Zelda fans only, please) 2012-12-04
I've been coming up with and hearing some theories about the Zelda games lately, and I have an af...
Best Nintendo Characters 2012-12-04
What do you think are the best Nintendo Characters from each series?
Gamertag Name 2012-12-04
I am going to be changing my xbox gamertag soon, and I need your help deciding. I would like orig...
Whats you're favorite game listed? 2012-11-28
Whats you're favorite game listed?
Game Research 2012-11-28
I created this questionnaire to help me find out more about the publics interests in games. If yo...