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Does violent video games provoke violence in kids? 2014-04-28
Does seeing violence cause kids to use violence?
Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors Pairing Poll 2014-04-21
For the shipping!~ Vote for your favorite ROMANTIC relationships or ships.
Ultimate Final Fantasy Beauty Pageant 2014-04-11 (closed)
Vote for your waifus
Mario Kart 8: Do you buy it and your predictions? 2014-04-07 (closed)
I love the Mario kart Series, so i just wanted to know, if you will buy Mario kart 8 for WiiU and...
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character? 2014-04-03
Who is your favorite Injustice: Gods Among Us Character?
Dunk tank (males only) 2014-03-31
Dunk tank (males only)
Cutest Villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf (Male) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest male villager from ACNL, based on personality.
Cutest Villager fro Animal Crossing New Leaf (Female) 2014-03-24
This poll will decide who is the cutest female villager from Animal Crossing New Leaf, by persona...
Call of Duty 2014-03-17
Call of Duty
Poll for the member of the alliance ^ DRAGON KINGDOM^ or who joined this alliance_______________...
Role Playing 2014-02-25
I like to role play in emails with people. Does anyone else like to do this?
WarioWare Characters 2014-02-19
Vote for your favourite WarioWare character!
Your favorite Left 4 Dead character? 2014-02-19
You can only choose one. If there are two that you like equally, well ask yourself this, who woul...
Which champion is the best ADC 2014-02-10
Which champion is the best ADC
POKEMON! 2014-01-20
I will cover a variety of subjects involving Pokemon. I'll try not to make it tedious. Enjoy!
Which is more popular Gamecube or Wii 2014-01-07
This poll tests which gaming consul you would prefer Wii or Gamecube
Best of 2013: Video Games 2013-12-31
Important notes: The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us are not finished yet and will no...
Kerfuffle Character Poll 2013-12-26
Vote for characters that you think should be playable. OR What characters you think will be pla...
Pin the tail on the donkey 2013-12-18
This poll is about any time you remember playing pin the tail on the donkey, or similar such as P...
playing a game of swim chicken 2013-12-18
to find out if any lids have ever played swimchicken or would ever play swim chicken and if so at...
Xbox One or Playstation 4 - PS or XBox? 2013-12-17
Which video game console will you buy? Which console did you buy? Poll for gamers and both fans o...
kids playing a game of chicken in the bath room in the bath 2013-12-17
to find out at what point kids would chicken out if playing a agme of chicken in the bath room in...
try to hold pee 2013-12-17
are u trying to take pee holding challenges here is one
Minecraft!! 2013-12-09
How frequently do people make minecraft polls? Stick with us and don't let zombies on the way get...
best sonic games 2013-12-09
here are the best sonic games but which is the best