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Your Six Favorite Pokemon 2009-08-08
Hi! I have created this poll in an effort to find out which pokemon are the most and least popula...
Minecraft vs Terraria 2015-08-13
Minecraft and Terraria are both sandbox games where you gather resources, survive hostile mobs, a...
Mario vs Sonic 2011-01-07
A clash of two legendary game series!
Mortal Kombat Poll-Characters 2011-01-25
Vote in a series of questions about your fav. characters.
*OFFICIAL* Sonic The Hedgehog Opinion Poll 2006-12-08
A few questions on how you feel about the Sonic Team
Would you get gunged 2013-11-12
How would you like to get gunged (covered in messy slimey stuff)
Make an RPG Character 2006-07-12
When playing an RPG, sometimes the main character is somone you just don't like. What's your pref...
Dead Or Alive Girls 2009-06-05
Who's your favorite DOA girl ?
Getting gunged 2015-11-16
All about getting gunged (covered in messy slime) or gunging other people
Your favorite Left 4 Dead character? 2014-02-19
You can only choose one. If there are two that you like equally, well ask yourself this, who woul...
Roblox Vs. Minecraft 2012-11-07
Which sandbox game is better?
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Video Game Characters Part 2 2018-02-15
Features Quiet, Honoka, Tracer, Sophitia and many more. Could these video game characters win in ...
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting Video Game Characters 2017-02-21
Features Lara Croft, Tifa Lockhart, Miranda Lawson, Sonya Blade, Widowmaker and many more. Could ...
Truth Or Dare 18+ 2015-07-22
A Good Old Game Of Truth Or Dare Online!After Every Round, Drink A Large Glass Of Water If You...
Who's Better, Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog? 2004-07-10
Which is better...*SEGA*'s mascot, or Nin-ten-do's mascot?
Sengoku Basara vs. Sengoku Musou! - Character edition 2014-05-05
Let's figure out which series has the better characters! This poll will compare the historical fi...
Best Tekken Character 2007-06-15
think before you vote Jin.
Mario vs Sonic vs Crash 2015-08-11
Three of the most famous icons the platforming genre has to offer. Now it's time to find out who...
Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter 2009-08-25
What is better about each game series?
The Ultimative Legend of Zelda Poll 2009-02-04
Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and more
What to wager 2015-07-10
I play some online strip/dare games with a male friend (im a girl) and need some ideas for what t...
Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character?
What is the best Final Fantasy game 2006-09-04
This poll is to see what is the best Final Fantasy game once and for all. Well at least until now...
game spanking 2012-05-07
this is a poll for those who want to see certain spankings in games...... just tell me if there a...
Bet your shoes 2009-11-29
One time a friend was trying to get his job done at work early so he could go out on a date. I b...