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world of war craft 2007-12-27 (closed)
world of war craft
Buying a Volkswagen New Beetle 2008-05-05
Falling head-over-heels for the VW new Beetle. It's chic. It's a maverick. It's built like a vaul...
Which do you perfer to do? 2009-02-28 (closed)
Which do you perfer to do?
Mud and Armpit farts 2011-04-08
Do you, like mud and/or armpit farts?
Hiking 2014-04-28
This is a just a poll that asks your opinion of how I should dress and things I should take with ...
car brand 2015-02-09
car brand
wich city would u like to visit the most 2006-01-09
thepoll is about travelling in europe
The wonderful world of SHOPPING! 2007-08-04
Hi! I personally love to shop! So, for the fun of it (and by request) I am making a poll about ...
No More Tech 2007-09-01
Which one of these tech items would you give up for 5 years if someone offered you $100 million?
What should rhetoricalemergency do? 2008-09-21 (closed)
What should rhetoricalemergency do?
Which one is better? Iphone or Nokia? 2009-11-07
which one do you like more?
Fursona Psych 2014-06-30
What does your Fursona say about you? For those in the furry fandom who have an alternate anthro...
Favorite Cars 2005-03-02
Whats your favorite type of car
Wich car do like most and wich one will you like to have
The Perfect Crime Movie 2005-11-07
Now You have the chance to tell how a Crime Movie have to be.
How many dolls? 2006-01-04
How many action-figures/dolls/stuffed animals do you own (home and work)?
Hanging out & going out 2006-03-02
Where would be the coolest places you would go?
Best Shoe 2006-06-01
what is your favorite shoe?
Game Console 2006-11-19
game consoles
Martial Arts 2007-04-25
American Girl 2008-04-16
American Girl
Ninja Poll 144: Painting 2008-08-23
Painting. It seems that only a tiny select few in the world population are good at it and can pai...
What should horseland change ? 2008-11-02 (closed)
What exactly should horseland change ?
what Type of car would you Drive? 2011-01-10 (closed)
good cars
LEGO 2011-09-27
Random questions about the world's greatest toy!