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choose my wedgie 2014-08-13 (closed)
choose what wedgie and how long I have to be in the wedgie and other stuff
Calligraphy 2015-12-05
A quick survey on the art of calligraphy
Gap Year Travel 2016-02-02
Hi! We are The Leap. We provide premium quality Gap Year packages to various exotic destinations ...
What cryptocurrency to invest in and where to store it? 2021-08-04
Now the topic of cryptocurrencies is very popular, everyone around me makes a lot of money on it....
Battle of the Stuffz 2005-06-30
Screw the intro.
Candle Fragrances - Your Preferences? 2006-06-19
What fragrances do you like, if any, from the list below?
DC Direct Unofficial Action Figure Buyer Poll 2006-08-19
Hello, I'd thought I'd try a little unofficial customer poll for all DC Direct buyers to particip...
The DC Direct "Why Haven't They Made...?" Poll 2006-10-30
Here's a selection of DC characters that may be way past their time to be made as DC Direct actio...
massage machine for everyone 2007-01-23
How do people like to use a massage for improve their lives.
Reenacting 2007-07-24
My older brother does this awesome hobby as a WWII reenactor with the 101st airborne, and I too h...
Christmas jewelry gift 2008-11-25 (closed)
Christmas jewelry gift
Dance Club Locations 2009-04-09 (closed)
Dance Club Locations
Photography Contest - Electronics - VOTE PLEASE!! 2009-04-27
Hey everyone I was wondering what picture you like best. Each and every one of these pictures has...
Page Viewing Style 2009-07-05 (closed)
Page Viewing Style
Contest Prize Poll 2009-08-03
So you guys saw me explain the video that I was limiting the prizes down to two for money issues....
Choose you favourite! 2009-09-26
Choose you favourite!
Managing Your Photos 2010-08-21
How do you manage your digital photos? What software do you use for editing them and what do you ...
SWAT-style Paintball 2011-06-04
Would you be interested in paintballing inside? At an abandoned warehouse? How about an old offic...
Best SOG knife 2012-01-02
What is your favorite SOG knife?
Car Colours 2012-03-14
Here are four cars in different colours. How do you evaluate these cars? -http://i.imgur.com/2QX...
Betan ajankohtainen katsaus 2012-05-30 (closed)
Paivan polttavat kysymykset tieteellisesti tutkittuna
How To Create Art 2012-11-05
Click here to see what you should draw. Please take my poll.
Image of stamp collectors 2013-01-09
If you discover someone has a large and potentially valuable stamps collection, what else would y...
Random 2013-01-09
POLL OF THE DAY 2013-01-25