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What are the hobbies of Protestant and Catholic teenagers living in N.Ireland? 2011-02-05 (closed)
This is an aspect I have to consider for my Learning For Life and Work coursework which Is about ...
Best Sport Boat Colors 2011-09-14 (closed)
Pick the color or colors you would like to see your, or any Seadoo boat in the most.
Hytte trekning sommer 2012 2012-05-02 (closed)
Her velger du hvilke hytter du ønsker å være med på trekningen av.
Hockey guys captain 2012-11-05
My first poll
Who should I cosplay as? 2013-03-22
I'm going to Comic Con this year, 2013, and I want to cosplay while I'm there. I came here to ask...
Marvel vs DC 2013-05-15 (closed)
Marvel vs DC
Silver Age 's Martha Kent 2016-01-11 (closed)
Silver Age 's Martha Kent
How Well Do You Know Your Vaporizer? 2016-07-28
How Well Do You Know Your Vaporizer?
Poll/Survey: Exciting Kids Show In Australia 2016-09-22
About The Poll/Survey Creator: <br><br> Cristy Allison works in the online marketin...
story poll 2017-03-23 (closed)
I thought of a hypothetical story. The story is about mother and boy. Soft-hearted mom and a litt...