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Masturbation Poll [BOYS ONLY] 2013-12-17
Poll about wanking, jerking, masturbating. whatever you call it. For all ages!!
castration for fun 2014-03-17
Basically if given the chance how would you castrate a man
Wedgie dares 2012-03-14
If I were to get three Wedgies what should I get?
diapers 2014-04-07
Keeping kids in restraints (harness, bed-restraints...) 2016-04-23
If you are keeping your kid(s) in restraints: what kind of restraints do you use and how often do...
Boys Barefoot Friends House 2015-05-19
Tied up! 2014-08-18
Ever been tied up? By a friend, sister, brother, or yourself?
stepMother/stepSon Spanking Poll part2 2015-03-02
This is a poll for stepmothers who spank their stepsons and stepsons who are spanked by their ste...
Schoolgirls 2015-03-23
Schoolgirls and their daily stuffs
Girl sleepwear 2014-12-17
What do you gals wear at night?
Gay Experience 2015-05-04
Have you ever had gay sex or any other sex?
Girls and Belching/Burping. 2007-10-09
Well, as a girl myself, I want to know the habits of other girls(I am a belcher and proud of it)....
Pacifiers for older kids 2015-01-02
A poll about older kids or young adults still using their pacis
Girls driving without seatbelts are sexy? 2014-01-20
Do you like to see a Girl driving a car without wearing a seatbelt? What are the reasons? Is it ...
Wedgie master or slave with kik 2013-08-26
Wedgie master or slave with kik
love to pee your pants? (kids 8-12 only!!) 2015-01-02
Hi! I'm a 10 year old girl and I love to pee my pants! I'm looking for anyone else about my age w...
Make you pee yourself 2015-02-09
Do this poll if you need to pee and I bet you'll pee your pants.
Your Girl-Tickling Adventures 2015-03-23
How and why did you tickle a girl in your life?
Sending your child to a clothing optional school 2016-10-30
This poll is for parents who are raising their children in a naturist environment, who would cons...
New years wet and mesyy 2013-01-03
wondering if i should wet or mess my self aka piss or poop mysdelf for newyears
Gotta pee??? TAKE THIS!!!! 2014-02-19
I dare you to take it....
Cold for Beauty? 2010-06-01
Cold for Beauty?
This poll is about your opinions on martial arts and other fighting styles
Mega giantess and feet 2014-07-07
Feeble attempt to indulge my fetish :-)
(girls only) What would you do as a giantess? 2016-07-22
This poll is based around giantess fantasies. Basically, just a series of multiple choice questio...